Fat Camp (Obesity Management)

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Package Summary

This September 3rd 2017, you're invited to join our Fat Camp! Shed fat, eat according to a nutritionist, and get a physical examination at Vitallife, a wellness clinic located on the Bumrungrad International Hospital Campus.

Our Fat Camp features Muay Thai training, nutrition-specific meal plans, and medical services for individuals who are suffering from obesity. Bumrungrad Hospital defines morbid obesity as being "45 kilogram (100 pounds) overweight. This is equivalent to having a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40. When body weight approaches this level, the person is at great risk for many serious illnesses."

Khongsittha has partnered up with Vitallife Wellness Center at Bumrungrad Hospital to fight obesity and promote healthy living. Our Obesity Management Program offers a personalized path toward weight loss and management for life. Your program will be personalized and include scientifically based weight reduction plan, specialized laboratory and diagnostic lab tests along with regular physical check-ups, nutritional guidance, fitness education, lifestyle and behavioral modifications, and closely medical consultation with professional physicians and registered dietitians.

Our Fat Camp is for you if you:

  • Can't lose weight by yourself
  • Have tried many ways to lose weight, but nothing works
  • Are caught in the yo-yo cycle and cannot find a balance
  • Don't want to take pills for dieting
  • Are concerned about health risks resulting from being overweight

Benefits of our Fat Camp:

  • Giving you a way to lose weight based on your body composition, and learning ways to build a firm and healthy body
  • Providing close consultation with counselors and health professionals, such as registered dietitians, doctors, and wellness specialists
  • Focusing on reliable medical results and analyzing key weight-related health indicators such as hormones, metabolic, and bio-physical assessment
  • Recommending lifestyle and behavioral modifications such as exercise and nutritional guidance
  • Teaching workout and exercise techniques to maintain and keep the weight off

Note: If you want to join this program despite being obese or not, you are more than welcome to.  Accompany a friend who is trying to lose weight!

About Bumrungrad

First Asian hospital to get international accreditation

Bumrungrad was the first Asian hospital accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the international arm of the organization that reviews and accredits American hospitals. Their checklist includes over 350 standards, for everything from surgical hygiene and anesthesia procedures to the systems in place to credential medical staff and nurses. JCI sends a team to re-review hospitals at 3-year intervals. Bumrungrad was first accredited in 2002, re-accredited in 2005, 2008, 2011 , 2014 and 2017.  Click here to see JCIA Certificate.

Customers will receive the following medical tests:

  1. CBC (Complete Blood Count)
  2. BUN (Kidney Function Test)
  3. ALT/SGPTPL (Liver Function Test)
  4. AST/SGOTPL (Liver Function Test)
  5. Lipid Profile (Total Cholesterol Analysis)
  6. HbA1c (Blood Sugar)
  7. Insulin
  8. TSH (Thyroid Function Test)
  9. FreeT3 (Thyroid Function Test)
  10. IGF - I (Hormone Test)
  11. DHEA - S (Hormone Test)
  12. Body Composition Analyzer
  13. Dietician Consultant and Nutritional Guidance
  14. Personalized Physical Examination

Training Details

  1. Under this package, we welcome all experience levels: beginner, intermediate, or advance.
  2. Morning session: 7:30 am - 9:00 amAfternoon session: 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm.
  3. The training routine will be adjusted according to your level.
  4. Training will include Muay Thai and fitness routines.
  5. Gourmet meals prepared by our partner restaurant that follows your examined nutritional guidelines.

Hotel Details

With an area of 30 sqm per unit, our Superior Room is spacious enough for two and is equipped with a working area by a private balcony. Each room has its own shower and comes with fresh towels and a basic toiletry set.

  1. Check-in is any time after 12:00 pm. Check-out is by 1:00 pm.
  2. Room cleaning service is available upon request at 250 THB per time. Please let the front desk know when you would like your room to be cleaned.
  3. Laundry service is available or can be done via coin-washing machines.
    Room amenities:
      • King-size bed or twin beds
      • Air conditioning
      • Television
      • FREE wireless internet


      • There is a wide selection of local restaurants nearby.
      • There are several convenience stores within walking distance.
      • There is a fresh market just across the red light intersection.
      • Central Eastville Department Store is a 5-10 minutes cab ride away.

      Program and Itinerary

      Participants can choose the number of weeks they wish to attend (2 or 4 weeks). The difference is that the four weeks will include additional check ups from your physicians and dietitians to track your progress, whereas the two weeks program will have no follow up.

      Please note: Only breakfast and dinner is included as customers are encouraged to journey out to nearby restaurants for lunch. We want your journey here to not be restricted to eating at just one place. You will need to explore the variety of cuisines available while taking into consideration your recommended nutrition guidelines.

      By 2:00 pm - Check-in to resort
      3:30 pm - Meet Khongsittha Team
      Day 1
      10:00 am - Depart for Vitallife Wellness Center
      Day 2
      7:30 am - Muay Thai Training
      10:00 am - Breakfast at Cafe Reverie
      3:00 pm - Strength and Fitness
      6:00 pm - Dinner at Cafe Reverie
      Day 3
      7:30 am - Muay Thai Training
      10:00 am - Breakfast at Cafe Reverie
      3:00 pm - Seminar: Healthy Eating
      6:00 pm - Dinner at Cafe Reverie
      Day 4
      7:30 am - Rest / No Training
      10:00 am - Breakfast at Cafe Reverie

      3:00 pm - Strength and Fitness
      6:00 pm - Dinner at Cafe Reverie
      Day 5
      7:30 am - Muay Thai Training
      10:00 am - Breakfast at Cafe Reverie
      3:00 pm - Strength and Fitness
      6:00 pm - Dinner at Cafe Reverie
      Day 6
      7:30 am - Muay Thai Training
      10:00 am - Breakfast at Cafe Reverie
      3:00 pm - Strength and Fitness
      6:00 pm - Dinner at MK Suki
      8:00 pm - Asiatique Riverside
      Day 7
      7:30 am - Rest / No Training
      10:00 am - Breakfast at Cafe Reverie
      3:00 pm - Wai Khru Ritual
      6:00 pm - Dinner at Cafe Reverie

      * Weeks 2 - 4 will vary slightly on the intensity of work outs and the location of group outings.




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