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Muay Thai Camp in Bangkok

We will teach you how to strike with your 8 limbs - fists, elbows, knees, and legs.

You will learn Muay Thai, the national martial art of Thailand!

Muay Thai training packages include:

  • Everything Muay Thai - footwork, striking, defending, clinching, sparring.
  • 2 training sessions per day, morning and afternoon.
  • 6 days of training a week. We rest on Mondays.
  • Unlimited access to group classes.
  • Full accommodation in our boutique resort. All rooms are air-conditioned and come with private showers. Packages include your Check-in date!
  • Optional: Upgrade your training package to include food + gain access to our Guided Meal Plan.

We welcome all experience levels! 

(Closed on Mondays) Time
Morning Training: 8:30 - 10:00
Afternoon Training: 15:00 - 16:30
Private Training: By Appointment

Package = Training + Room + Food

To check prices, simply select your start date from our calendar below.

Available dates indicate your Muay Thai Package's START DATE.

muay thai package bangkok
Muay thai bangkok

Learn Authentic Muay Thai

If you’re looking to learn Muay Thai for the first time or are prepping for a fight, you're in good hands when you train with us. We are a registered Muay Thai School by the Ministry of Education Thailand and our training curriculum is Certified by Sports Authority of Thailand.

Beginners are Welcome

Muay Thai gyms can be intimidating. But here at Khongsittha Muay Thai, we promise to make you feel safe and welcomed. It doesn't matter if you've never trained Muay Thai or any other form of martial art before. Learn and master the basics with us when you get here!

Safe for Children and Families

Muay Thai training for children can help them improve their focus, confidence, fitness, and respect. Our trainers will adjust the training intensity for your children to make sure that they are safe and have fun throughout the learning process.

Earn a Muay Thai Certificate

For completion of training (of 10 days or longer), we will provide you with our Muay Thai Certificate! Show it off to your friends and family and frame it on your wall. Completing at least 10 days will allow us to teach you solid fundamentals, which will in turn allow you to improve your Muay Thai skill and knowledge.

Stay in Clean, Private Rooms

Khongsittha has 80 boutique rooms located directly behind the gym. It’s never been easier to wake up, go train, and go back to the comfort of your own room. Secure, private, and well-maintained, we want your retreat to be comfortable.

  • King-size bed or twin beds (30 sqm per room)
  • Family Rooms available upon request
  • Air conditioning, Television, and Wi-fi
  • Private balcony
  • Laundry machines or laundry service available

muay thai accomodation

Eat at a Professional Kitchen

We have a restaurant right in front of the gym that can cook you healthy, delicious meals! When you attend a package, we can provide you with our Fighter's Meal Plan for weight loss. This meal plan has been created by our Fighter/Nutritionist.

  • Thai classics
  • Western cuisines
  • Vegetables grown from our garden
  • Vegan options available
  • Healthy desserts
  • Local Thai coffee beans

Vacation to Thailand

Take a Vacation to Thailand

During rest days, we can bring you to visit the beautiful sights of Thailand. This image here is taken at Wat Mahathat, which is located in Ayutthaya province. On request, we can drive you there and show you around the old capital of the Kingdom of Siam.

Sak Yant Thai Tattoos for Muay Thai

Get a Sak Yant Thai Tattoo

Sak Yant Thai Tattoos are beautifully designed, deeply meaningful, and religiously blessed by Buddhist monks. These “Ajarns” (or teachers) have spent years learning the traditional tattoo method of using a bamboo or steel needle to slowly etch ink into skin. Khongsittha truly appreciates this ancient art form and offers all guests the opportunity to receive a mystical Sak Yant from the best Ajarns in the region.

Muay thai fight thailand

Sit Ringside with Free Tickets

Our Co-founder, Matthew Deane, is a professional MC for a range of Fight Promotions in Thailand. Once a week, we can bring you to selected Fight Nights, free of charge!

Muay thai class in bangkok

So, Ready to Train with Us?

Authentic Muay Thai training, private, air-conditioned rooms, healthy meal plans, and the opportunity to experience the wonders of Thailand is truly a once in a lifetime experience that anyone should take!

Learn a new sport, eat some local Thai food, and make lifelong friends. We are the only Muay Thai Camp in Bangkok with resort accommodation behind the gym and a professional kitchen in front. With local knowledge of Bangkok, we can provide transportation and guidance to a range of activities, restaurants, and tourist attractions.

Still unsure? See our customer reviews below :)

Muay Thai and Stay

"One of the best experience of my life, this is my second time at Khongsittha and it won't be my last. Whenever I’m asked about training in Thailand, Khongsittha is always among the top! Everyone from the trainers to the others who were training/staying there were so welcoming and caring."
Jack F

Awesome Training

"Awesome start to my Muay Thai holiday around Thailand!! So welcoming, organised, friendly and chilled! Trainers were attentive, skilled, knowledgeable and super lovely!! Was an amazing experience to be training among guys who were actually training for upcoming fights!!"
Lauren K

Just Do It!

"Trained for a week here and loved every minute. My rookie skills and 40 something body weren't a problem and the guys were super patient. I learnt so much and will head home a lot more confident (including sparring!). All the trainers are great fun. Only regret...not coming for longer." - Leigh D

Authentic Muay Thai Experience

"I spent 2 weeks at this gym and their resort. The trainers were amazing and they put a lot of work to train you and understand your needs. I have also bought coupons for the restaurant nearby and the food was just perfect. Totally gonna be back there." - Iustin H

Amazing and Unforgettable

"The best thing about the whole experience probably were the people. The group of trainers were not only professional and good teachers and dedicated to the art of Muay Thai, they were very accommodating, patient, funny and felt like family. The gym owners and managers took very good care of us." - Giuliana C

An Amazing Time Here

"I spent 3 weeks at this gym/hotel/restaurant and it was great, truly an escape and I plan on going back again in 1 years time. The trainers were attentive, the food was great, the location was outside of the city so it wasn't as hectic as being downtown. Just overall great vibes from people!"
- Anna S

Our story


Khongsittha Muay Thai (KST) was born in 2013 to create a modern Muay Thai experience for all using traditional Muay Thai values. Combining martial arts, fitness, culinary, and hospitality, we aim to be a powerhouse in Sports Tourism. Khongsittha is a combination of two Thai words: Khong (stability) | Sittha (eternal success).

With state of the art equipment, experienced trainers, and a unique training system, Khongsittha aims to provide both effectiveness and entertainment to all students. KST is known as one of the best establishments to train Muay Thai in Bangkok for any level fighter. This means that both recreational and competitive fighters are able to hone their skills and achieve optimal conditioning with us.

Situated just 15 minutes from downtown Bangkok, Khongsittha is located in an exciting, lively area known as Lad Phrao. With countless restaurants, massage treatments, and major department stores accessable by a 5-minute cab ride, Khongsittha is the most convenient, friendly, yet badass place to learn Muay Thai!

We look forward to hosting you

Experience Highlights:

  • Train twice a day like a fighter
  • Sleep in a private, boutique resort
  • Follow a guided meal plan for weight loss
  • Visit stadiums and watch ringside fights
  • Have some night outs in Bangkok
  • Make new, lifelong friends
  • Go home stronger, fitter, and healthier

We welcome all experience levels! 

Booking Instructions

Simply click on Book Now:

  • Choose your start date from our calendar
  • Choose the rate for your package
  • Choose the number of people attending (1 or 2)
  • Each booking is for one (1) room only
  • Add more rooms by adding another package to your cart
  • Add in extras if you'd like
  • Pay online to get a discount!

Need a custom package or group booking? 

Please fill out our Booking Form and we'll design the perfect custom package for you.

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