Rami Ibrahim is back to Host a 2 Week Training Camp!

"The Son of Palestine" is back this summer.

He will be hosting a 2 Week Training Camp with us. These camps have always been a favorite for customers since he has been deemed as one of the greatest hosts of all time. In two words, Rami can be described as "Humble and Honorable." He will teach you, guide you, and show you what it's like to live like a fighter.

This camp is set to start on Monday, 3 June 2019. To learn more about the training details, rooms, meal plans, and about Rami, please click here.

Muay Thai Training and Weight Loss

If you’re looking to lose weight with a martial art or your aim is to become healthier, training Muay Thai for weight loss and learning about our Muay Thai diet routine is one of the best options available. Not only is our training package designed to improve your technical Muay Thai skills, we incorporate an intensive workout routine to improve your stamina, health, and endurance.

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All-inclusive Bangkok Muay Thai Gym

Retreat from the stresses of work and the daily grind to the sound of kicks on a heavy pad, the shouts of a thousand eager gamblers, and the morning chants of monks in a temple. Khongsittha is a premiere Bangkok Muay Thai gym composed of a team of passionate people. It’s the only Muay Thai camp in the city with resort accommodation behind the gym and a French-inspired cafe that serves delicious Thai fusion dishes in the front. With local knowledge of Bangkok, we can provide transportation and guidance to a host of activities, restaurants, and tourist attractions.

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Quality Accommodation in Bangkok

Khongsittha has partnered with Kiatthada House & Resort, located directly behind the gym. It’s never been easier to wake up, go train, and go back to the comfort of your own room. Secure, private, and well-maintained, having this resort as a partner for Khongsittha Muay Thai makes our offering that much better.

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Vacation to Thailand

The country of Thailand is considered as being home to some of the friendliest people in the world, with incredibly cheap prices on accommodation, food, and tourist activities. Whether you’re going on vacation to Thailand for one week or one month, staying at Khongsittha Muay Thai puts you in a position to experience the most while in Bangkok. We’ve created a list of different things to do while in our beautiful city.

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Sak Yant Thai Tattoos for Muay Thai

You’re taking the pilgrimage to Thailand to learn Muay Thai in its birthplace. Sak Yant Thai Tattoos are beautifully designed, deeply meaningful, and religiously blessed by Buddhist monks. These “Ajarns” or teachers, have spent years learning the traditional tattoo method of using a bamboo or steel needle to slowly etch ink into skin. Khongsittha truly appreciates this ancient art form and offers its gym members the opportunity to receive a mystical Sak Yant from the best Ajarns in the region.

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Muay Thai Training for Corporate Events, Team Building, and Large Groups

From billionaire CEOS to local students, we are capable, entertaining, and professional in handling big groups.

For instance, Spartan Race chooses us every year to host their Community Workouts, where we host up to 125 people per time!

We have also been flown to Phuket, where we have hosted Tony Fernandes (Group CEO of Airasia) and his executives in an early morning Muay Thai training session.

Interested in booking us? Please fill out our Group Booking Form.


Khong (stability) | Sittha (eternal success)

Our story

Khongsittha Muay Thai (KST) was born in 2013 to create a modern Muay Thai experience for all using traditional Muay Thai values. Combining martial arts, fitness, and hospitality, we aim to be a powerhouse in Sports Tourism.

With state of the art equipment, experienced trainers, and a unique training system, Khongsittha aims to provide both effectiveness and entertainment to all students. KST is known as one of the best establishments to train Muay Thai in Bangkok for any level fighter. This means that both recreational and competitive fighters are able to hone their skills and achieve optimal conditioning with us.

Situated just 15 minutes from downtown Bangkok, Khongsittha is located in an exciting, lively area known as Lad Phrao. With countless restaurants, massage treatments, and major department stores accessable by a 5-minute cab ride, Khongsittha is the most convenient, friendly, yet badass place to learn Muay Thai.

Where Should I Go to Watch Muay Thai Fights in Bangkok?

February 13, 2019

Where Should I Go to Watch Muay Thai Fights in Bangkok?

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How Long Train Muay Thai Thailand

February 09, 2019

How Long Should I Train Muay Thai in Thailand?

Have you ever wondered how long you have to train Muay Thai in Thailand? Here is our point of view and our recommendations.

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Accommodation in Bangkok: Our Resort Hotel a Few Steps from the Gym

February 07, 2019

Accommodation in Bangkok: Our Resort Hotel a Few Steps from the Gym

If you're in the need to come to Bangkok to train Muay Thai, probably you are thinking on where to stay. Want to know our opinion? Let us recommend what to do to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

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