Muay Thai for Fitness

Become healthy and lose weight in a fun, inspiring, and exciting atmosphere.

If your aim is to train Muay Thai for its beauty and health benefits, you will find that Khongsittha's Muay Thai for Fitness offers a fun and entertaining work out experience. Programs have been designed to expose students to the art of Muay Thai while combining dynamic exercises to achieve a healthy strength and conditioning. Whatever your experience level or fitness goal is, you’re going to enjoy our Muay Thai for Fitness programs. This program does not include running, clinching, sparring, and advanced technical drills. If you're interested in this type of training, please see our Muay Thai Packages.

At Khongsittha, there is no need to feel intimidated when you decide to start your Muay Thai Training. We have established ourselves as being the best place within the Muay Thai Industry to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

We welcome all experience levels (✪ = includes KST Membership)

(Closed on Mondays) Day Start Times 
Morning Classes: Tue-Sun 9:00 and 10:15
Afternoon Classes: Tue-Sun 15:30*, 16:30*, 18:00, 19:00, and 20:00

* Indicates Sunday's training times. KST closes at 18:00 on Sundays!

10 sessions
4,000.00 ฿
20 sessions ✪
6,000.00 ฿
450.00 ฿
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