4 Meals to Improve your Muay Thai Training (That We Cook at KST)

4 Meals to Improve your Muay Thai Training (That We Cook at KST)

June 01, 2019

A lot of nutritionists say that weight loss and physical improvement is done 70% in the kitchen and 30% at the gym. We can't say that it's totally true, as Muay Thai is a very complete sport that takes your body to the limit, but absolutely we agree that food is essential not only to be in shape but to break your marks and achieve your goals. Do you want to know which meals can improve your training? Keep reading.

First of all, there are some food ingredients that can boost your training and help you to get in shape or enhance your performance. Some of those are:

  • Don't forget that when you're training you use a lot of fuel. Take the necessary amount of carbs to avoid breaking down. Rice is a good source.
  • Chicken breast is a very popular source for proteins, and that's why fighters like it a lot. 
  • Remember what they use to say: eat everything that is a plant, but never what comes from a plant.
  • Healthy fats. Even though fats have a very bad image, healthy fats are totally necessary and precious when training. Your choice of fish can be a good source and don't forget about olive oil.
  • They are a great source of natural sugar – the only one you need when training. 
  • If you need a snack, stick to nuts. Almonds or cashew nuts are great, try to avoid common peanuts, as they are the less nutritious nuts.

The four meals to help with your Muay Thai training we list here are a perfect choice for those who train hard but are equally great for other sport disciplines. If you're into Spartan races or something like Crossfit, these meals will help you as well to achieve your goals. Plus, they're delicious!

All these meals can be found at The Reverie, our healthy restaurant just inside the area of Khongsittha gym, so you can enjoy your food right after training.


Grilled Chicken With Steamed Veggies and Rice


Healthy Chicken Rice

The preferred option for a lot of boxers. Grilled chicken with veggies and rice. Tasty and very complete in a single meal. It includes carbs, proteins, and vegetables. 

The Reverie cooks only with healthy oil and very fresh products. There's nothing that comes from packaged food or artificial enhancers.

Rice-berry gives extra nutrients, and the steamed vegetables contribute to your health. We can say this is a very complete meal for anyone who takes any sport seriously.


Pumpkin Salad


Pumpkin Salad

Eating healthy and tasty can be vegan as well. For those days that you could enjoy a salad, we have a very tasty option made of pumpkin and vegetables. 

Using olive oil and adding some nuts makes this pumpkin salad a very healthy dish, light and easy to enjoy anytime.


Grilled Salmon with Pomegranates


Grilled salmon

A must if fish is your thing. Our grilled salmon is one of our favorite dishes when we train in Muay Thai, as it's a very light and healthy option, with plenty of nutrients.

To make it tastier and healthier, we put some sliced apple into the meal and the special taste is added with pomegranates. The side-salad makes it even more interesting and tasty.

Salmon is a great source of healthy fats and Omega-3, so make it a classic on your meal schedule.


Healthy and Nutritious Pasta



Pasta is usually considered a cheat meal when we talk about meals to improve your training. But, even that, if you cook a great pasta dish with fresh ingredients and avoid all the artificial stuff you still can enjoy this Italian classic.

Our selected pasta dish for improving your Muay Thai training is spaghetti bolognese with chicken. In this version we cook at The Reverie, we only use fresh chicken, chopped into very thin parts. The tomato used is organic and natural, and the flavor comes from the spices.

So, which one of these four meals are your favorite to improve your Muay Thai training? Remember you can eat all of them for a very affordable price at our restaurant, The Reverie.

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