Khongsittha January and February Recap

Khongsittha January and February Recap

March 22, 2017

What an incredible start to 2017 it has been for Khongsittha Muay Thai! We’ve just finished a two month camp hosted by Sean Fagan, AKA Muay Thai Guy and had shared an incredible journey with twenty Nak Muays. These camps are designed to push participants to their limits, with training twice a day, six days a week in the blistering heat of Bangkok. In addition to training, we hosted a variety of activities for everyone, to create a unique and memorable experience for everyone involved. On a different end to hosting these fight camps, Khongsittha was selected as one of the two gyms to be showcased in an independent feature film about Muay Thai. Some incredible footage has been taken in locations like Los Angeles, New York, Santorini in Greece, and Bangkok, Thailand. The film is still being developed, but expect to hear more about it in January, 2018. You can see a small feature of it here on Entertainment Weekly.

Let’s take a look first at the training routine we developed for this camp and feedback from participants.

Khongsittha January and February Recap

Training at Khongsittha has been carefully crafted in order to provide our customers with a complete arrangement of conditioning, strength training, technical training, clinching, and sparring time with both trainers and other participants.

Khongsittha Fight Camp

Running is an integral part of an Muay Thai training routine, and participants would run between 3-5km on training days, with the feared “10K run” being done every Sunday. These 3-5K runs are led by Khongsittha trainers and our professional fighter, Sueadam “Black Tiger” Khongsittha leads the 10K run. For many, the transition into training twice a day with a run can be a difficult experience. Throughout the entire duration of this fight camp, the team mentality would prove to be useful in order to make sure everyone was pushing themselves to maximum potential.

Khongsittha Running

Our clinching training was considered by many participants to be the most grueling of training days. With over 30 minutes of clinching multiple partners, it quickly becomes a battle of technique, body positioning, and body strength. Each Khongsittha trainer has years of experience in clinching. Shammy Chan of Canada describes clinching at Khongsittha as being “incredibly difficult but rewarding and useful in many situations outside of Muay Thai.”

Clinching session Khongsittha

The technical training done during our fight camp is one of the major reasons Muay Thai practitioners come out to Thailand; to learn techniques passed on from Thai teachers. Being in Thailand, without family, friend, or work responsibilities, it’s much more efficient to absorb all of the technical aspects of Muay Thai. Led by Kru Yuen, a veteran teacher with over 100 professional fights, technique drills at Khongsittha aren’t as physically demanding as the other drills, but are harder to master. Through repetition and hands-on instruction, all of our participants will have increased their technical skills in the ring to use on their training partners back at home.

Training at Khongsittha 2

Sparring during training varies greatly across the world in regards to how hard you’re actually supposed to go. A common rule is to establish with your sparring partner beforehand what you can and can’t do. Our trainers at Khongsittha quickly established that going 50-60% power during sparring would allow you to focus on going through the motions and learning, rather than actually preparing for a fight. Don’t let the idea of sparring in Thailand scare you; every match is monitored by a trainer and if things get out of hand they will step in and make sure no one is uncomfortable while sparring.

Training at Khongsittha

Outside of training, we provided a variety of different activities for our camp participants to do. At Khongsittha, we frequently coordinate transportation to stadiums for big fight nights, night markets, noteworthy attractions, and events happening in Bangkok. In January and February, we took groups to the ancient city of Ayutthaya, located about 90 minutes outside of Bangkok. If you’ve ever seen Kickboxer, this is where Jean Claude Van Damme did his infamous training routine amongst the ruins. Other activities included a trip to get Sak Yant, which is a traditional thai tattoo method that involves a long bamboo needle or steel rod used to draw a Buddhist blessing onto your body. Other activities included going to a performance of Ong Bak Live, an exciting, new theatrical show in Bangkok that features incredible acrobatics and fight scenes. There were a few days where trainers and customers decided to get together for an evening barbecue session after training. There’s always something going at Khongsittha, which makes it a unique experience in comparison to other gyms in Bangkok.

Khongsittha Fights

From late February to the beginning of March, Khongsittha had the opportunity to be involved with the production of an American, independent feature film about Muay Thai. Shot in locations all over the world, Khongsittha was one of two gyms selected to be showcased within the movie. Featuring some incredible actors, notable figures in Muay Thai, and the GOAT in Muay Thai, it was a great experience. The future of Muay Thai in Thailand is in the hands of gyms that focus on providing excellent customer service in addition to high quality training. We are extremely proud to have been featured in the movie and look forward to its release next January.

Behind the scenes Khongsittha 

The hot season is approaching us in Thailand, and we expect temperatures to be in the high 30 degree celsius range for the next three months. If you’re looking to challenge yourself and increase your Muay Thai skill level, now’s the perfect opportunity. Here’s a look at the camps that we have planned in 2017. 

 Month Camp Description
"To Be Announced"
Khongsittha Fat Burning Camp
Gathering participants from all over the world, we hope to help overweight individuals lose weight, eat healthy, think positively, and keep all of these mantras strong when they go home. Think The Biggest Loser with punches, kicks, and teeps!
Potentially Your Gym Having a Camp With Us?
We want to train, educate, and entertain all customers who come through Khongsittha, whether by themselves or with a group. If you think your gym members at your home gym would love the opportunity to come out and train together in Thailand, we would love to accommodate you! Send us an email for more info on how we support partnerships with gyms all over the world and provide opportunities for people to have an unforgettable experience with their fellow gym members.
Nak Muay Nation Training Camp
Sean Fagan once again is hosting his Nak Muay Nation Training Camp with us. Learn more about it here and see if you’re interested!
Hosting the USMF Juniors before IFMA/Nak Muay Nation Training Camp
For the first week of August, we’re happy to announce that we’re hosting the USMF Junior Athletes to prepare for the IFMA World Championships. 22 Muay Thai hopefuls from North America will be receiving high level training from our experts. In addition we’re hosting the latter four weeks of Nak Muay Nation’s training camp.
Spanish Gym Partnership Camp
Richi Khongsittha, our resident strength and conditioning coach and recent winner of the 2017 Muay Thai Day Belt has collaborated with Spanish blog in order to give Spanish Nak Muay the opportunity to train together in a Spanish speaking camp. Learn more about by contacting us here.
Anderson’s Martial Arts Gym Camp
One of the largest, most successful MMA gyms in Upper New York, we’re hosting a four week camp for them. Have a friend or interested in training with them? Contact us here.
The Scandinavian Amateur Challenge Camp
Norway, Sweden, and Denmark are notoriously competitive amongst each other in almost all sports. Muay Thai is no exception! For the month of November we will be hosting three gyms from all three countries to participate in a grueling training camp, with an Amateur tournament to close it all off. Learn more about this camp by emailing us.
Potentially Your Gym Having A Camp With Us?
The holiday season is the perfect time to travel. If you’re interested in training in Thailand, go ahead and shoot us an email to reserve training in December.

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