Khongsittha Hosts Ajarn Chai and the WTBA With a Two Day Intensive Muay Thai Camp

Khongsittha Hosts Ajarn Chai and the WTBA With a Two Day Intensive Muay Thai Camp

February 01, 2018

On January 22nd 2018, over 40 Nak Muay from the WTBA (World Thai Boxing Association) stepped foot into Khongsittha Muay Thai gym to learn under the guidance of some of the best trainers in Bangkok. Ajarn Chai Sirisute is often credited for being one of the first Muay Thai fighters to come to the USA who’ve brought the ancient martial art with him in hopes of teaching it in seminars all across the states.

Ajarn Chai and Khongsittha’s Co-founder Matthew Deane are in the same family.  These two leaders in the Muay Thai industry partnered up to showcase Muay Thai in its motherland. This collaboration was perfect for the members of the WTBA, many of whom were experiencing Thailand for the first time. There are a ton of misconceptions about what it’s like to travel around Bangkok, and as a figurehead within the Muay Thai industry, we believe that it’s important that we provide all members with stellar accommodation, high-level training, and clean, tasty Thai food.


KST Training 2

Training twice a day is something that many Americans don’t have the liberty of doing. Whether it be school, work, or family obligations, it’s difficult to set aside four hours out of the day to train Muay Thai. The WTBA started their day off with an early morning run through the streets of Lad Phrao, where Khongsittha is located. Four kilometers later, they arrived back at the gym and hopped right into shadow-boxing. For many, this was the first time they had been to Thailand, and for a few individuals it was the first time they had traveled abroad. The heat is definitely something that takes getting used to, and it was clear that people realized they were going to sweat no matter what.

After shadow-boxing, we went right into pads and bags. The trainers at Khongsittha have a combined experience of over 1500+ fights, and have been holding pads for years.

Khongsittha recently replaced the bags in the training area with brand new, lime-green Fairtex teardrop bags. They seemed to be a fan favorite for everyone.

After pads and bags, the WTBA went right into technical, clinching, and sparring drills. Different gyms usually have subtle differences in the way they approach training. Some gyms spar harder than other gyms. Some gyms don’t practice the clinch at all. Our trainers made sure that everyone got the tips and tricks they needed to become better at Muay Thai.

Cafe Reverie, our partner restaurant graciously provided us with a breakfast and lunch buffet for the duration of their stay.

Too Short...Next Time

Pearl Gonzalez at Khongsittha

Many WTBA members stated that they had never imagined there would be a facility like Khongsittha Muay Thai in Thailand. UFC Strawweight Fighter Pearl Gonzalez was able to improve her striking skills in only two days with us. We were sad to have only hosted them for two days but we anticipate that many will return for longer. We actively encourage all businesses, groups, and organizations interested in traveling together, increasing their physical fitness, and building teamwork to try a camp at Khongsittha this year. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll develop an itinerary perfectly suited for any size group’s needs. 


Wayne Blackman

Wayne Blackman said:

What more would a fellow want excellent training by pros,fine food,and pretty ladies who can kick your butt. For me as close to heaven as you can get.

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