How to Save Money for Your Muay Thai Vacation to Thailand

How to Save Money for Your Muay Thai Vacation to Thailand

September 07, 2016

Training in Thailand is the dream of every Nak Muay aspiring to learn more about Muay Thai and to improve their technique, endurance, and overall skill level. Sometimes, it’s actually more difficult to save money for a trip to the ‘Land of Smiles’ than it is to train Muay Thai. There are a variety of great references online regarding how to save enough cash to afford the trip out to Thailand, and we’ve compiled some of the best tips in order to do so.

How Much Money Does it Cost to Go to Thailand?

This is probably one of the most common questions that travelers have when thinking of going to Thailand, whether it be for vacation or specifically for Muay Thai. Depending on the quality of living that you would like to have, the costs can vary greatly. Typically, the most expensive part of your trip to Thailand will be airline ticket prices to and from the country. High season in Thailand starts in November and ends in March. During this time, there is a high demand for tickets to Thailand, and this is reflected on ticket prices. Low season is between April and October, and ticket prices during this time can be half the cost of a ticket to Thailand from your country. There’s a very informative post on Quora about how much money it costs to go to Thailand here. To get a rough idea of the cost of training for a Muay Thai Gym in Bangkok, here is Khongsittha’s pricing page.

Save Money for Your Muay Thai Vacation

One Important Thing to Remember:

Planning your travel a month in advance or more can save you hundreds of dollars in travel fees.

The picture below are the costs for tickets to Thailand from New York in February. The key takeaway here is that these are the current prices if you are planning to reserve your ticket in September.

Flights to Thailand in December

Update: As of September 6th, the below prices are for a trip to Thailand in November.

flights in december

Planning even two months in advance will allow you to get a very cheap ticket to Bangkok

These prices will surely increase as it gets closer to high season, so remember to commit to your trip to Thailand in advance to save money. When looking at ticket prices in December, flights from New York can range from $1200-$2000 USD for an economy class ticket. Keep your notifications on in websites like Kayak to get emails of when the best time to purchase a ticket will be.

Good Spending Habits in Your Home Country

Unless you’re a multi-millionaire, chances are you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a trip to Thailand whenever you want. You’re going to have to save money, eat out less, cancel unnecessary recurring subscriptions, and go out and drink less. Good spending habits are not only beneficial for your future trip to Thailand, establishing them can help you take multiple trips to Thailand to train. A few major tips to implement in your savings plan are below.

1. Eat out Less

Spending $10-$20 a day on fast food, or going out to restaurants for dinner on a daily basis can put a serious dent in your Muay Thai Vacation savings plan. To put things into perspective, the average exchange rate of Thai baht to the US dollar for the last five years has been 35 THB/ 1 USD. A delicious and filling Thai dinner consisting of grilled chicken, papaya salad, and sticky rice will cost you roughly $2-$3 USD. Skipping out on dining out for a few days a month will provide you with enough cash to feed yourself for an entire month while living in Thailand.

If you just can’t save cash on eating out, or it’s not possible where you live, take a look at this Moneycrashers article on how to save money when you do decide to eat out at a restaurant.

2. Stop Drinking Coffee Every Day

Coffee has become a regular staple in many people’s lives, especially athletes who are working full-time and training on a consistent basis. The average cup of coffee in the United States is roughly $4 USD. Drinking a cup of coffee every day can run up to $120 USD a month. Halve your coffee and caffeine intake and you’ll be able to afford your Thailand vacation trip much quicker.

3. Stop Drinking and/or Smoking Now

Let’s face it, we all know that these two habits are the worst possible things to do for your health, and also your wallet. The costs of drinking and smoking add up significantly and it goes without saying that if you cut these out now, your ability to come to Thailand to Train Muay Thai will speed up significantly.

4. Cancel your Subscriptions

One major money-saving technique that many people tend to forget or ignore are recurring subscription fees. Things like your Netflix account, cable television, dry cleaning service, and phone bill can add up to well over $200 USD a month depending on the city that you live in.

5. Reevaluate your Housing Options

Sometimes the best way to cut costs and be able to afford an amazing trip to Thailand is to consider the cost of your house, apartment, or condo. There are many ways to lower this cost such as finding roommates, moving to a less-expensive area, or even deciding to move back in with your parents. While these may seem like extreme options, they are all feasible and will absolutely give your Muay Thai Vacation Savings Plan a boost.

6. Start a Muay Thai Vacation Savings Account, and Don’t Touch It

Your Muay Thai Vacation Savings Account is completely dependent on the savings strategy that you plan on using. It’s called a savings account for a reason; touching this savings account for unnecessary costs while at home will only prolong your ability to afford a vacation.

Sacrifice is a part of life. It’s supposed to be. It’s not something to regret. It’s something to aspire to. – Mitch Albom

These are literally the best ways to save money for your Muay Thai Vacation to Thailand. If you implement these tips into your daily routine now, you’ll be able to save money for your trip to Thailand in a few months rather than an entire year, and you will even have the foundation to have multiple trips as time goes on.

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