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Our Walk-in Muay Thai for Fitness Program is perfect for those who want to come in and get a great work out.

  1. Access to Muay Thai for Fitness (Group Class) on day of purchase.
  2. One session only.
  3. All experience levels welcome!

    Program Breakdown

    1. Warm-up jog, skip ropes, and followed by shadow boxing.
    2. Pad work and bag work with technique emphasis.
    3. Bodyweight exercises and ending with cool down stretching.
    4. This program does not include running, clinching, sparring, and advanced technical drills. If you're interested in this type of training, please see our Muay Thai Packages.

    With our Walk-in Muay Thai for Fitness program, you will:

    • Be able to lose weight effectively. Our trainers and staff will be more than happy to help you or give you tips and advice on how to become healthier.
    • Your cardiovascular endurance will improve.
    • Muay Thai is a great form of self defense.
    • The strength and conditioning you receive from our Muay Thai for Fitness programs will make you feel healthier, happier, and more confident.
    • Knowing a martial art and practicing it on a regular basis will help you build focus, which translates to being more efficient at work and at home.


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