Rami Ibrahim - 2 Weeks Training Camp

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Package Summary

Join Rami Ibrahim for a 2 Weeks Muay Thai Training Camp in Bangkok, Thailand!

Start Date:
3 June 2019
End Date: 17 June 2019 

This package features 2 weeks of Muay Thai training, private rooms, healthy meal plans, and free tickets to watch Muay Thai Fights. This collaboration between Rami Ibrahim and Khongsittha is designed to help you unleash your full potential and to experience the unique beauty of Muay Thai in it’s motherland of Thailand. If you’re a serious practitioner who wants to see incredible improvement in both your technique and conditioning, this training camp is made for YOU!

You’ll be following a professionally structured training regimen that consists of all the proven training methods that are essential to your Muay Thai development. These methods include all the basics (i.e. group runs, shadowboxing, pad work, etc.) and more advanced training drills such as sparring and clinching. More information about your host's profile is provided at the bottom of this page.

Training Details

  1. Under this package, we welcome all experience levels: beginner, intermediate, or advance.
  2. Morning session: 7:30 am - 9:30 am. Afternoon session: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm.
  3. Training twice a day, six days a week. Rest days are on Mondays.
  4. The training routine will be adjusted according to your level.
  5. Meal plan at our restaurant (24 coupons). 1 coupon consists of one meal and one drink. See our menu here.

Hotel Details

With an area of 30 sqm per unit, our Superior Room is spacious enough for two and is equipped with a working area by a private balcony. Each room has its own shower and comes with fresh towels and a basic toiletry set.

  1. Check-in is any time after 12:00 pm. Check-out is by 1:00 pm.
  2. Room cleaning service is available upon request at 250 THB per time. Please let the front desk know when you would like your room to be cleaned.
  3. Laundry service is available or can be done via coin-washing machines.

*Note:  There is a security deposit of 10,000 THB at check-in. This deposit will be returned at check-out after deducting utility bills (water and electricity usage). 

    Room amenities:

      • King-size bed or twin beds
      • Air conditioning
      • Television
      • FREE wireless internet


      • There is a wide selection of local restaurants nearby.
      • There are several convenience stores within walking distance.
      • There is a fresh market just across the red light intersection.
      • Central Eastville Department Store is a 5-10 minutes cab ride away. You can exchange money, do groceries, get a haircut, get your nails done, and even watch movies here. 

      Flight Details

      1. Participants should arrive in Bangkok for check-in no later than Monday, 3 June 2019
      2. Participants should depart Bangkok no later than their visa duration
      • The training camp will finish on Monday, 17 June 2019 and participants will have to check-out of their rooms
      • Participants are welcome to stay at Khongsittha Muay Thai longer on a different Muay Thai Package
      • Or, take some time to explore Thailand further, such as flying to Chiang Mai or Phuket! 

      Watch Now: "Khongsittha Muay Thai Experience" 

      Want to see what it's like to train with us? Check out this video below to see our training facilities, rooms, and surroundings. If this video doesn't get you excited to come, we don't know what will!


      Reviews from Previous Customers

      Check out what people have to say about us :) 

      "I spent 2 weeks at this gym and their resort. The trainers were amazing and they put a lot of work to train you and understand your needs. I have also bought coupons for the restaurant nearby and the food was just perfect. After the first week, i started feeling like i need someone to hang out with so i was so lucky to meet Richie Alvarez. He is a personal trainer at KST and a professional fighter. We went out, in the evenings, he showed me around and we also went to his fight. I can genuinely say that he is one of the nicest people i have ever met and i think he made my experience at KST even better. Totally gonna be back there."

      "Trained for a week here and loved every minute. My rookie skills and 40 something body weren't a problem and the guys were super patient. I learnt so much and will head home a lot more confident (including sparring...thanks Boss!). All the trainers are great fun. Only regret...not coming for longer. Big thanks to Keith and all the fighters who made me so welcome. See you next time."

      "I spent 3 weeks at this gym/hotel/restaurant and it was great, truly an escape and I plan on going back again in 1 years time. The trainers were attentive, the food was great, the location was outside of the city so it wasn't as hectic as being downtown. Just overall great vibes from people!"

      "This is my first time writing a review about anything ever, but where do I even begin? I spent a month at the Khongsittha Muay Thai camp and the training here is impeccable. By training along side high level fighters and trainers I was really able to take my game to the next level. Each trainer took the time to get to know me and helped enhance my skills day in and out. I learned an ample amount about Muay Thai. By being here I was really able to refine and upgrade my technique and physical condition. Even when I traveled to different countries I was constantly complemented on my abilities in Muay Thai, and trust me I DID NOT arrive at Khongsittha with anything close to an adequate skill level." 


      About your Host, Rami Ibrahim

      Fight Record
      156 Wins - 27 Losses - 5 Draws - 46 KOS
      Multiple Championships

      My name is Rami Ibrahim. I am originally from Silwad, Palestine, now living in Philadelphia, PA USA.

      Since 1992, the fight world has given me many fight nicknames such as as "Cinderella Man", aka "The Arabian Nightmare", aka "The Peoples Champ", aka "The Voice Of The Voiceless", all with a story to tell behind it, but the one that holds dearest to me is "The Son of Palestine".

      I am....

      1. The first and only Palestinian to become a Karate Champion with over 100 tournament championships
      2. The first Palestinian to become Philadelphia All-Public Wrestling champion
      3. The first and only Palestinian to become Philadelphia Golden Gloves Boxing champion
      4. The first and only Palestinian to become Philadelphia Diamond Belt boxing champion
      5. The first and only Palestinian to be awarded Boxer of the Year award in America
      6. The first and only Palestinian to become Philadelphia Kickboxing champion
      7. The first and only Palestinian to become USKBA International Muay Thai champion
      8. The first and only Palestinian to become WKA United States Muay Thai champion
      9. The first Palestinian to win the WKA North American championship tournament (earning a spot on team USA at the Worlds championships in 2001)
      10. The first Palestinian to become WKA North American Muay Thai champion
      11. The first and only Palestinian to become WBC International Muay Thai Champion (the WBC is the most prestigious title belt in the world)
      12. The first Palestinian to become FIBA Muay Thai Champion of the world
      13. The first and only Palestinian to become USKA Muay Thai Champion of the World
      14. The only Palestinian and American to hold Muay Thai world titles in 3 different weight divisions at the same time
      15. The first and only Palestinian and American to become unified champion of the world (defending the USKA world title and winning the WKA world title in 1 night)
      16. The longest active fighter in North America
      17. Defended the North American title more than any other American champion
      18. Hold the most Muay Thai championship titles than any other professional Palestinian and American fighter
      19. The first and only Palestinian athlete ever to win championships in 5 different sports
      20. Muay Thai Coach for the United States Muaythai Federation (USMF) Youth Team

      To sum it all up, Rami Ibrahim's Training Camp will give you access to:

      1. All-inclusive package for training, accommodation, and food.
      2. Top level training from champion trainers.
      3. Two full-sized rings surrounded by coconut trees plus a fully-equipped strength and conditioning training area.
      4. Activities outside of training such as BBQ with your trainers, visiting nearby markets, and watching live fights at various stadiums.
      5. Meeting, training, and surrounding yourself with awesome people :)
      6. All experience levels are welcome!

        Rami USMF Khongsittha

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