2-Hour Experience: Discover Muay Thai in Bangkok with Royal Orchid Holidays (DRAFT)

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If you have always wanted to feel what it is like to be inside a ring and learn how to fight in Muay Thai, we're more than glad to grant you that experience. At Khongsittha Muay Thai (KST), we deliver exquisite Muay Thai training for experts or beginners. No matter which level you are, our team of trainers can give you what you need to gain insight into Thai Boxing. Join us for a one day session to discover Muay Thai.

We offer you a one-day experience to discover Muay Thai in our boxing gym, in a completely safe and clean environment. All experience levels are welcome.

How to Discover Muay Thai in Bangkok

We'll start with the Wai Khru dance, which is a critical part of Muay Thai culture. It's performed before a Nak Muay (a boxer) fights to pay respect to one's teachers and also serves as a warm up. It can be seen as a battle cry to intimidate your opponent.

But that's just the beginning...after that, you'll learn the science behind Muay Thai, in all of its essence.

After you're warmed up, you'll learn how to strike with all eight limbs (fists, feet, knees, and elbows) and step on the ring to hit the pads! This is a non-contact training session where you'll learn how to strike only. So no need to worry about being hit back.

Beginners are welcome. So if you have always wanted to see for yourself what it takes be a fighter/boxer, then discover Muay Thai with us. 

After training, we'll also grab some delicious Pad Thai noodles. If you'd like, we can finish off with some Thai desserts, too!

What's included:

  1. Wai Khru lesson
  2. Muay Thai training session
  3. Hand Wraps by Royal Orchid Holidays (Exclusive!)
  4. Pad Thai noodles

What to bring:

  1. Normal exercise clothes
  2. Change of clothes
  3. Towel
  4. Training gear (optional)

Discover Muay Thai in Bangkok in a traditional environment, train with authentic teachers, and enjoy good food after training.

Check out the video below to see what it's like to train with us!

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