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Muay Thai gym in Bangkok

Khongsittha Muay Thai (KST)
was born in 2013 to create a modern Muay Thai experience for everyone, using traditional Muay Thai values. Combining martial arts, fitness, and hospitality, our biggest aim is to be a leader in Sports Tourism.

Muay Thai has been our passion since we were kids. We built Khongsittha from scratch to share our passion with the world. Through training all over Thailand at various gyms, we learned that most gyms are intimidating and lacked a sense of hospitality. We wanted to change that by being not only a gym; but a school and community where anyone can learn Muay Thai.

Our facilities include:

  • State of the art equipment
  • Experienced trainers
  • An adjacent 80 room accommodation
  • A cafe which serves healthy food and vegan desserts
  • Powerful networks to Champions of the sport in case you ever wanted to meet Saenchai, Petchboonchu, or Buakaw :)

With those advantages, Khongsittha Muay Thai aims to provide both effectiveness and entertainment to all students. KST is known as one of the best establishments to train Muay Thai in Bangkok for any level of fighter.

Both recreational and competitive fighters are able to hone their skills and achieve optimal conditioning with us. We welcome beginners to aspiring fighters.


Where Can You Find Khosingttha Muay Thai in Bangkok?

Our gym is situated just 20 minutes from downtown Bangkok.
Khongsittha is located in an exciting, lively area known as Lad Phrao. With countless restaurants, massage treatments, and major department stores nearby, Khongsittha is the most convenient, friendly, yet badass place to learn Muay Thai.



Khongsittha was born when two brothers, Chayanon Visutthithada and Matthew Deane, envisioned a Muay Thai camp with expert training, superb accommodation and the ability to cater to members of all skill levels.


With modern, top-notch facilities and beautiful, resort-style accommodation, Khongittha has set the bar high for the standard of training in Thailand.


We are committed to keeping you fit and safe with our homemade meal plans. Dishes have been made to complement athletes in training, where we serve healthy portions of carbs, proteins, and fats.


Khongsittha Muay Thai's mission is to utilize the ancient art of Muay Thai and allow its members to achieve maximum physical and mental health.


Partnering with gyms and influencers around the world, Khongsittha remains as the premiere destination for all Muay Thai enthusiasts and athletes.


With an English-speaking, multicultural management team, Khongsittha also takes pride in being able to accommodate members from all over the world, no matter what their needs may be.


With the Muay Thai Industry growing every year, Khongsittha aims to provide a unique, exciting, and memorable experience for everyone who steps foot into the gym.

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