Muay Thai for Weight Loss and Muay Thai Fitness

At Khongsittha Muay Thai in Bangkok, we’ve developed our training packages to incorporate high-level technical training as well as fitness-boosting routines. Leaders in our industry, we can ensure that these routines are perfectly safe under the supervision of trainers and that there will be genuinely valuable health and fitness gains after completing just a week of training.

One aspect that separates quality Muay Thai gyms from fitness-centered gyms is the experience level of trainers and the equipment available within the gym. Fitness gyms were created in order to help their members lose weight, build muscle, and to promote overall physical fitness. Their trainers typically don’t have the experience that established Muay Thai gyms have, and therefore plateau at fitness training. Our trainers are all veteran Muay Thai fighters with a passion for staying physically fit. Their technical skills and attention to detail actually aid in developing proper technique in the ring and for fitness purposes too.

Muay Thai Healthy

An average hour of Muay Thai training for weight loss has our participants burning anywhere between 500-800 calories. The highest amount of calories burned by a member was 1,245 calories, and this type of workout means constant movement, high-intensity intervals, and very little break time. You can discuss with our management team how hard you would like to train and what goals you hope to accomplish with Muay Thai, and our trainer will accommodate you.

Healthy Food

What makes Muay Thai for Weight Loss and Muay Thai for Fitness at Khongsittha so effective is pairing it with a healthy diet. There's a famous saying that goes, "You can't train out a bad diet," and we couldn't agree more. Our partner restaurant, Cafe Reverie, has developed a menu specifically for those looking to go on a healthy Muay Thai diet. Options such as brown rice, steamed vegetables, and meat choices between fish, pork, chicken, and beef are all available to our gym members, and at an affordable price.

If you're looking to train Muay Thai for Weight Loss, we recommend our weekly or monthly Muay Thai packages that include training twice a day, accommodation at our resort, and meal coupons at our Cafe Reverie.

Here are some posts on some specifics about Muay Thai for Weight Loss, as well as a nutritional blog post on what you should eat and not eat while in Thailand.


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