Muay Thai Training Camp in Bangkok

Train Muay Thai in Bangkok

Train Muay Thai in Bangkok like a real fighter (as a Nak Muay), but live in a boutique resort! We offer you a complete experience, where you can enjoy Muay Thai training, relax in “simple-luxury” rooms, and explore the adventures of Bangkok.

All Muay Thai training packages include:

  • Two training sessions per day, morning and afternoon.
  • Unlimited access to group classes.
  • Full accommodation in our boutique resort. All rooms are air-conditioned.
  • Optional: Upgrade your package to include meal plans.

With modern facilities, we can accommodate all Muay Thai enthusiasts. It doesn’t matter if you come for the experience of joining a Muay Thai fight in Thailand or just to improve your fitness level. Khongsittha can give you everything you need from traditional training, peaceful accommodation in one of our 80 boutique rooms (with 24 hour check-in), to a full meal plan for you to control your diet.

Khongsittha’s training programs can prepare you physically, emotionally, and mentally, for any challenges you may face in life. Combining old school and new school training methods, our programs have been designed to improve your Muay Thai knowledge. Our program includes running, clinching, sparring, and technical drills.

We welcome all experience levels! 


(Closed on Mondays) Time
Morning Training: 8:30 - 10:00
Afternoon Training: 15:00 - 16:30


Why Train Muay Thai in Bangkok?


Train Muay Thai in Bangkok

One of the joys of Thailand is to train Muay Thai in Bangkok. Our national sport has everything a sports enthusiast can ask for. It is perfect for releasing stress, increasing motivation, and improving fitness. Combining aerobic exercises with powerful and explosive moves, Thai Boxing can transform your body in a fun and fulfilling way.

Usually, in the West or in other parts of Asia, it’s easy to find Muay Thai gyms that are hosted indoors. But here, in Bangkok, the traditional way is to train outdoors and to breathe in the experience. At Khongsittha, we want to give you that authentic feeling.

Select one of our packages below to train Muay Thai in Bangkok, or fill in this Booking Form and we'll get back to you.

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