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Package Summary

The first of its kind from Khongsittha, our Physical Conditioning Camp will be hosted by professional Spanish Muay Thai fighter, Richi Alvarez Huerta.

This package features an option of either 2 weeks or 4 weeks of Muay Thai training with top level trainers, hosted by our certified sports science coach, a seminar by a current Muay Thai champion, a detailed training and diet routine created for every participant, an overnight stay on the beautiful beaches of Hua Hin, and a load of activities to do around Bangkok. This camp was developed specifically for Muay Thai athletes who want detailed instructions on how to improve their overall physical conditioning and endurance, as well as enjoy the beautiful culture of Thailand. We will be setting the foundation for all participants to be in the shape of their lives and will be selecting a handful to participate in Muay Thai fights while in Bangkok.

You’ll be following detailed training and conditioning routines that have been tested by professional fighters and spoken highly of by coaches from around the world. These routines include high level Muay Thai technical training in addition to a unique strength and conditioning program.

In addition, our sports science coach Richi Huerta is an accomplished fighter currently in the Max Muay Thai circuit. With a degree from the University of Madrid, Richi will be closely monitoring every participant and provide them with a training routine custom-tailored for them. These routines can be implemented while in Thailand and brought back home to be continued.

Training Details

  1. Under this package, we welcome all experience levels: beginner, intermediate, or advance.
  2. Morning session: 7:30 am - 9:30 am. Afternoon session: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm.
  3. Training twice a day, six days a week. Rest days are on Mondays.
  4. The training routine will be adjusted according to your level and under coach Richi's guidance.
  5. Optional: Meal plan at our partner restaurant (12 coupons) can be purchased upon arrival. 1 coupon consists of one meal and one drink.

Hotel Details

With an area of 30 sqm per unit, our Superior Room is spacious enough for two and is equipped with a working area by a private balcony. Each room has its own shower and comes with fresh towels and a basic toiletry set.

  1. Check-in is any time after 12:00 pm. Check-out is by 1:00 pm.
  2. Room cleaning service is available upon request at 250 THB per time. Please let the front desk know when you would like your room to be cleaned.
  3. Laundry service is available or can be done via coin-washing machines.

*Note:  There is a security deposit of 10,000 THB at check-in. This deposit will be returned at check-out after deducting utility bills (water and electricity usage). 

    Room amenities:

      • King-size bed or twin beds
      • Air conditioning
      • Television
      • FREE wireless internet


      • There is a wide selection of local restaurants nearby.
      • There are several convenience stores within walking distance.
      • There is a fresh market just across the red light intersection.
      • Central Eastville Department Store is a 5-10 minutes cab ride away.

      Experience Thailand

      Guided activities outside the gym to enjoy your leisure time. Enjoy the atmosphere of Bangkok with the markets surrounding the gym, food stalls in the streets, and restaurants of all kinds. During this camp you will have the opportunity to visit immaculate Thai temples, visit the calm, peaceful beaches of Hua Hin, and much more. Your daily run will be through Thai neighborhoods close to the gym, with local residents waving and cheering you on. Practice the ancient Wai Kru ritual on Sundays and learn how to give thanks to your Kru, impress the crowd, and terrify your opponent. Khongsittha has developed this experience in order for you to have an unforgettable time in our beautiful country.

      Train Like a Professional

      Your technique and your skills will improve with our program structured by Khongsittha's team of coaches. You will train day by day with a team of professionals willing to help you achieve your goals (physical, technical, tactical, and psychological). Being here, you will have an opportunity to meet fighters like Saenchai and an opportunity to meet contacts in the fight industry (promoters, coaches, and fighters from other parts of the world).

      Training and Physical Conditioning Seminars

      You will receive valuable information on physical preparation, nutrition, and set-up for competitions. This information will be of great help whether you are a trainer, fitness coach, competitor of any level or simply if you want to take your health to optimal levels.

      "You will enjoy a healthy and pleasant atmosphere together with other people with the same passion for the noble art of Muay Thai. You will understand Thai culture, visit the most emblematic places of Bangkok and other places like Hua Hin and Ayutthaya, getting closer to living the authentic life of Thailand. You can experience the real life of a professional competitor and even have the opportunity to fight if you wish. You will only have 3 concerns: train, eat, and sleep. You will learn more about yourself as a person, leaving your comfort zone every day."

      Are you ready to experience a unique adventure?

      - Richi Huerta

      Itinerary of Activities for This Camp:

      Muay Thai Champion Seminar

      Experience a training seminar with a special guest of a current Muay Thai Champion. We've had Saenchai and Kaew Fairtex in the past. Be sure to expect a G.O.A.T Nak Muay to come in September.

      Ringside Tickets to Lumpinee Stadium and Rajadamnern Stadium

      Sit ringside an experience the thrill of both Lumpinee and Rajadamnern.

      Day Trip to Visit the Ancient City of Ayutthaya, UNESCO World Heritage Site

      The beautiful city of Ayutthaya is one of Thailand's most coveted attractions. Spend the day amongst the ruins and experience truly breathtaking ancient architecture.

      An Overnight Trip to the Beautiful Beaches of Hua Hin

      Everyone needs a break from training at some point. Let your stress float away into the ocean while we have a barbecue on the beautiful beach at a resort. Start the next morning with a training seminar and head back to Bangkok afterwards.

      Physical Training Seminar #1 (1 Hour)

      The first physical training seminar will be a needs assessment and strength/speed test done for all camp participants. Coach Richi will be taking note of the individual requirements of every member, and develop a plan designed specifically to increase strength, endurance, and speed within one month. Monitoring will be done on a weekly basis, and adjustments made if necessary.

      Coach Richi will also go into detail about nutrition requirements while training in Thailand, what is acceptable to eat, what shouldn’t be consumed, and where to get the necessary food while training at Khongsittha.

      Physical Training Seminar #2 (1 Hour)

      The second physical training seminar will be a checkup to see the results of camp participants. After checkup, a customized strength training will be developed for participants that will be put into three categories. The goal behind this seminar is to create a strength-building routine that can be modified and implemented upon return back home.

      Physical Training Seminar #3 (1 Hour)

      After a results check-up on camp participants, Richi will go into detail about endurance training specifically for Muay Thai. Richi will go over workout routines that are suitable for the three groups of participants and how to track these results when going home.

      Coach Richi will also go into detail about the muscle groups that are used the most while training Muay Thai and the ones that are used the least. This information is important for targeting the weaker points of a participant’s physical strength and to develop routines that will help strengthen them.

      Physical Training Seminar #4 (1 Hour)

      The final physical training seminar will be a competition to determine which participant is the most improved over the course of four weeks in strength, speed, and endurance. The winner will receive additional points towards a one month sponsorship award.

      Coach Richi will also provide a personalized training and diet routine sheet to each participant in order to help them continue improvement upon heading back home.

      Muay Thai Training Seminar #1 (1 Hour)

      The first Muay Thai training seminar will go over the differences in scoring across the world and more specifically in Thailand. KST Trainers and Coach Richi will explain what scores the most and what scores the least, how movement in the ring affects scoring, and the mentality behind scoring rather than going for a knockout.

      Muay Thai Training Seminar #2 (1 Hour)

      The second Muay Thai training Seminar will be a focus on the mental game of competing in Muay Thai. The trainers will provide information on how they feel before a fight, during a fight, and after a win and a loss. The mental aspects of the fight game are just as important, if not more important than the physical aspect. Learn how to push through pain and overcome an opponent.

      Muay Thai Training Seminar #3 (1 Hour)

      The third training seminar will have a technical focus on the movements, strikes, and sweeps that aren’t typically done during a sparring session. Questions and concerns that participants have will all be addressed and they will have the opportunity to practice these movements that they haven’t been capable of practicing before with the guidance of Coach Richi and Khongsittha Nak Muay.

      Muay Thai Training Seminar #4 (1 Hour)

      The final training seminar will be a Muay Thai Striking Seminar with Coach Richi and special guests currently competing in Muay Thai circuits across Thailand. The emphasis of this seminar will be on specific strikes and what’s most effective when fighting in Thailand in comparison to fighting abroad. Knees and elbows are the focus.

      Reviews from Previous Customers

      Khongsittha Tripadvisor Excellence

      We've been certified excellent by TripAdvisor, the premiere website for finding anything to do while traveling. Across all of our platforms, 93% of our 480 reviews are positive.

      "Dropped in at 3pm with just a few hours notice - the gym was easy to contact via Facebook. Smaller group but it made for a more intimate beatdown from experienced trainers that paid close attention to detail. My novice skills and my friend's more advanced level skills were both accommodated. Pad work, tire flips, clinch work, abs at the end. Keith and trainers were incredibly welcoming. My buddy Mark and I had a great time meeting everyone. Bonus points: Kendrick jams were appreciated."

      - Kristin Sullivan, Houston Muay Thai

      "I took one private session and two group sessions at Khongsittha Muay Thai last week. I went there on my own and had a wonderful time.

      I had been to 2 other open-air Muay thai gyms of similar setup in Bangkok and Khongsittha Muay Thai is certainly the best. The gym cultivates a warm, friendly and supportive atmosphere. Instead of asking me to do a hundred of sit up and push up (this was exactly my experience with one of the other Muay thai gym), the trainers at Khongsittha Muay Thai, even in the group sessions, are anxious to correct my mistakes, teach me the skills, improve my accuracy and strength, and bring me to a higher level. They make sure everyone in the group are being taking care of and adjust the training to meet your level.

      Before I got to Khongsittha Muay Thai, I had some concerns over its location. It is a bit away from the centre of Bangkok (15 minutes taxi ride) but staying at Kiatthada House and Resort makes it perfect. It is no more than 2 minutes walk from Kiatthada Resort to Khongsittha Muay Thai. The staff Alex at the resort is super. He wears a smile and is always prepared to help. There are many small food stalls and cafes in the district and eating is not a problem.

      It is hard for city people like me to have the luxury to put our hectic routine behind and focus on training for a sport that we like. Highly recommended everyone who wants to learn Mauy Thai to train at Khongsittha Muay Thai and stay at Kiatthada Resort. I will certainly return to train longer."

      - Erika Lee, Singapore

      About your Host, Richi Alvarez Huerta

      26-11-2 Fight Record
      2017 WMF Ayutthaya Belt Winner
      Professional Muay Thai Fighter currently in Max Muay Thai Circuit

      Richi Huerta has an extreme passion for Muay Thai and has been competing since 2012. With a degree in Sports Science and Nutrition from the University of Madrid, he is an active fighter and coach at Khongsittha Muay Thai. His dedication, work ethic, and physical conditioning stand out above all of our other fighters, and it was under his guidance that this camp was created.

      Richi will be responsible for your growth as both a fighter and a human being during this camp. He will answer your questions about conditioning, about mindset, and about nutrition. He'll be training with you every single day, and motivating you to be the best version of yourself.

      To sum it all up, this Physical Conditioning Camp will give you access to:

      1. All-inclusive package for training and accommodation.
      2. Top level training from champion trainers.
      3. Personal training and evaluation from Richi Huerta.
      4. Custom training routine and diet to achieve maximum results during training.
      5. Two full-sized rings surrounded by coconut trees plus a fully-equipped strength and conditioning area.
      6. Actitivities outside of training such as a beach trip to Hua Hin, visiting the ancient city of Ayutthaya, and watching fights at Lumpinee/Rajadamnern Stadium.
      7. Meeting, training, and surrounding yourself with a team of passionate, driven Muay Thai addicts from all over the world!

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