Private Muay Thai Training in Bangkok – Thailand

1,000.00 ฿

Muay Thai Camps Thailand, Beginners

For anybody enthusiastic about learning the fascinating art of Thai Boxing at an authentic Thailand Training Camp, there’s no alternative to one on one lessons. We’ve trained thousands of people with our expert and unmatched Muay Thai Training in Thailand. Come over for the best Muay Thai Training Thailand has to offer.

Our experts have all been highly revered fighters of their time. They bring their experience and the most expert Training in Thailand to speed track your progress, irrespective of which level you’re starting from. Each of our private class lasts 60 minutes.

Our Muay Thai Training is the best you can find.

Focus on any goal you desire:

  • Go for a padwork session.
  • Experience Clinching with a professional fighter.
  • Ask for all kind of customization; for example, we can help you hone your footwork and defensive maneuvering skills or counter strikes
  • Be prepared to shed 1,000 calories in a single session!

At our Muay Thai Camps Thailand, beginners can learn the basics, intermediaries can pick up specialized skills, and experts can hone their skills.

Here’s What You Need to Bring For Your Private Muay Thai Training In Thailand

At our Muay Thai Training Thailand camp, you get basic training kits free of charge. Our guides will help you with gloves and hand wraps, though you can bring your own should you prefer.

What you should wear for training:

  1. Your routine sportswear or exercise clothes. Unless you want to, there’s no special need to be dressed in a traditional Muay Thai outfit.
  2. After taking a refreshing shower, change into comfortable clothes.
  3. Please bring your own towels.

Get the best Muay Thai Training in Thailand and book a session today. Our boxing experts can even conduct a masterclass for you in Western boxing and many other disciplines!

Check out the video below to see what it's like to train with us!

Ready to book? Follow these steps:

  1. Choose your Training Date from the Calendar
  2. Pick your Class Time
  3. Update the Quantity accordingly

If you still need help, simply contact us.


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