Why You Should Take an Exercise Vacation to Thailand

Why You Should Take an Exercise Vacation to Thailand

February 17, 2018

With over 30 million visitors a year, Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world. People come for the food, culture, architecture, history and natural beauty. Heading to the beach to relax  is one of the more common activities during a Thai vacation, but have you ever considered using this time to train? Muay Thai is an intensive martial art which can leave you feeling invigorated and strong, both mentally and physically. Using your vacation for exercise could have incredible benefits.

Beat Stress

We take vacations as an antidote to high-stress lives. While just lying on a beach has its benefits, exercise may provide even greater stress relief. By training hard, you will release endorphins which give you a feeling of being high, boosting mood and helping you overcome any depression from your everyday life.

You will feel relaxed and more confident as you get into shape. By overcoming some of your physical anxieties, you general stress will be lower, even after you return to your day job. Focusing on martial arts training is itself a form of meditation because you are focusing your attention on one task. This can, therefore, have the stress-reducing benefits of mindfulness.

Finally Get in Shape

As previously touched upon, one undeniable benefit of an exercise vacation is that you can lose fat and gain muscle. Everyone wishes to maintain an exercise schedule, but it can be difficult if you are working a day job. Why take time off only to spend two weeks, barely moving and eating and drinking too much?

You can finally dedicate time to understanding your physical power and toning your entire body. Now that you finally have some free time, spend it in the gym. This is your opportunity to build new skills and finally work on those aspects of yourself that work was getting in the way of.

Long-Term Mental Health Benefits

Muay Thai, as with other Thai sports such as yoga, is as much about mental wellness as it is about physical progress. While a regular vacation provides a short-term boost in mental wellbeing, an exercise vacation is often about providing long-term benefits.

Through learning techniques such as meditation and self-discipline, you are building skills that will last a lifetime. An exercise vacation will teach you to overcome adversity and help you to realize your full potential. You can then take these life lessons into your career or relationships. An exercise vacation could bring benefits to your whole life and help to strengthen your mental health more than any other vacation could.

It may not be the first thing you think of when you are planning a trip away, but putting exercise into your vacation could be the best thing you ever do. You will feel greater stress relief and can dedicate your free time to achieving the body you desire. The long-term effect on your mental health could mean lower levels of anxiety and depression and more self-confidence and resilience.

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