Where Should I Go to Watch Muay Thai Fights in Bangkok?

Where Should I Go to Watch Muay Thai Fights in Bangkok?

February 13, 2019

A trip to Thailand is never complete without the enjoyment of watching Muay Thai fights in Bangkok. The capital of the Kingdom of Siam is the capital of Thai boxing as well, and you can find fight nights every single day. But, where should you go to enjoy the best show? And to witness the best of the best inside the ring? We are glad to tell you in detail.

First, let us tell you that there's too many options to watch Muay Thai fights in Bangkok, and not all of them are as good as you would expect. Sticking to the most fancy and popular stadiums, such as Lumpinee or Rajadamnoen, is always a sure bet. But there's way more than that.

  • Thailand is the land of Muay Thai and Bangkok is the city with the most important stadiums, events, and fights. Expect the best here. 
  • The prices range from almost nothing to hefty sums. Be aware of how much it costs to get into a specific stadium, as some of them have tourist prices or they try to cater more recently arrived foreigners. Especially watch out for the most expensive front seats. Buy your tickets only through official channels.
  • Every single day of the week you can find fight nights. But not every stadium opens every day.
  • There's not only the regular fights, you can also find tons of special events. For instance, on the Queen's birthday, which in Thailand is Mother’s Day, there are always wonderful competitions. Be aware of important events close to you.
  • Muay Thai has become so popular all over the world that you can expect to find not only Thai fighters. You can watch Muay Thai fights in Bangkok that will have foreign fighters, and actually, this is pretty common right now. For example, Richi Alvarez; a Spaniard, fights in Bangkok and lives and train with us in Khongsittha.
  • You can also enjoy women’s Muay Thai fights. The rules are almost the same, though women have to enter the ring under the ropes and wear specific protection and not every stadium allows women inside the ring. They are just as professional and deadly as male fighters!

So, after this introduction, are you ready to know where to watch Muay Thai fights in Bangkok live?


Muay Thai Fights on Sunday


Since last summer, there's a new champ in Bangkok's Muay Thai circuit. Channel 8, a popular TV station known for its coverage of Muay Thai and award-winning Thai boxers, hosts a new spectacular show.

8 Super Champ is the name of the program and it has everything you can ask for in a fight night: it is huge, created by personalities and experts from the world of Muay Thai, and is packed with a lot of spectacle. But, most of all, it hosts only great fighters in their cast.

You can watch it live on the TV every Sunday or, if you're in Bangkok, go directly to their stadium and enjoy it live. Until they have an official stadium, 8 Super Champ is located near the popular Khaosan Road. You can find directions on their Facebook page or on Google Maps

And, if you are a Sunday person, you can go as well to Channel 7 Stadium, near Chatuchak market. Fights are hosted every Sunday, at 12.45. The entrance is free of charge.


Watch Muay Thai Fights in Bangkok: The Most Popular Stadiums

  Watch Muay Thai Fights in Bangkok Live

If we talk about live Muay Thai in Bangkok we can't forget about the two most popular stadiums in the whole of Thailand. And, one of them is very close to the stadium of 8 Super Champ and the crazy neighborhood of Khaosan Road.

Rajadamnern is undoubtedly one of the two biggest names in Muay Thai in this city. It is the arena where all professional boxers want to fight at least one day. Becoming a champion in Raja –as everybody usually calls the place– is a dream for almost every fighter. So, why not visit the place at least once?

The price of the tickets ranges from 1,000 to 2,000 Thai Baht. You can pay for front row seats or choose to sit a bit further away in the upper levels where all the gambling takes place. We recommend you buy your tickets in advance on their official page if you want to save time.

You can arrive there by taxi, as all drivers know the location, or check their exact location online. Please note: Rajadamnern is open only on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

The second name you must remember is Lumpinee, another great stadium that is popular all over the world. Branded as the Number One Muay Thai stadium by the Government of Thailand, Lumpinee Stadium is the sacred ground for Thai warriors.

Lumpinee Stadium Bangkok

The price to visit Lumpinee is 2,000 Baht, but if you buy the tickets on their website, the price is 10% cheaper. Arriving there is a bit complicated since they changed their original location, which was next to the Lumpinee park. Right now, it is a bit outside the downtown area, between the city and the airport of Don Mueang. Luckily, there are free buses that connect the skytrain stations of Victory Monument and Mochit for easy commute to the stadium.

Please note: the only open days for Lumpinee are the opposite of Raja’s. You can visit this stadium on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Apart from these two grand stadiums to watch Muay Thai in Bangkok, another great name in the scene is Max Muay Thai, which hosts a lot of strong fights weekly. 

Though they focus more on their on-demand TV channel, you can buy tickets to witness the daily competitions of Max Muay Thai in their Pattaya stadium, a distance of two hours by car from Bangkok. To get tickets, you'll need to contact the organizers directly as there's no option to buy online right now.

Lastly, another option if you want to watch Muay Thai in Bangkok is at Asiatique, an open air mall in front of the Chao Phraya river. This is an interesting option as it is a Broadway Show that tells the history of this wonderful sport through a series of acrobatics and folklore. After the show, two amateur fights take place (usually beginners of the sport).



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