The Deadly Trio at Khongsittha Muay Thai

The Deadly Trio at Khongsittha Muay Thai

February 13, 2018

Anyone who has trained Muay Thai long enough knows that after enough time with your particular trainer, you either connect with them or you don’t. The connection usually requires the trainee to evolve or progress in their skill level - this is why coming to Thailand after training at your home gym is the next logical step in a progression.

Thai trainers are naturally gifted at the art of Muay Thai; it’s their experience that puts them leagues above most trainers in other countries. After experience comes natural skill. The theories and concepts that otherwise take years to master by most are second nature to a small group of gifted individuals. How to adapt to your opponent’s tactics, how to react to their movements, and how to read body language are all necessary for Muay Thai. Three trainers at Khongsittha have been paving the way for our current Thai fighters and international fighters to improve their endurance, technique, and awareness. Each of them has fought extensively in Thailand and abroad, with wins over some great adversaries over the years. After years of fighting, their paths have crossed at Khongsittha. Their mission in life is to teach both Thais and foreigners the art of Muay Thai, and they’re producing incredible results.

Ming "The Jester"

Ming Khongsittha

“Give the fans what they want.”  You hear many fighters state this. No statement rings truer for Ming Khongsittha than, “give the fans what they want.” At the gym, fellow trainers and customers call Ming the Jester because of his entertaining fighting style. Ming, whose fighting name is Jaopar, has been with Khongsittha for a little less than a year but has impressed everyone with his training capacity and his fighting ability.

From the early age of Nine, Ming began fighting in his hometown of Udon Thani and began fighting in the Issan professional circuit, carving his way up to the top. After being undefeated, he moved to Bangkok to Petsiri Gym. He’s been fighting ever since, taking a brief two-year break for the military. When asked what he likes most about Muay Thai, Ming just laughs and says, “everything.” From the competition to keeping healthy to beat his opponents, Ming is one of the few fighters that relish everything about the martial art.

Ming has no specific memory that he cherishes the most out of his career, other than every time he is capable of knocking out an opponent. To date, he’s knocked out 30 opponents out of 66 fights. His fight style can be considered “Muay bouk” which is the aggressive stance and constantly moving forward style of fighting.

Ming is always willing to spar with guests at Khongsittha, no matter what skill level, and he continues to be a source of entertainment for everyone at the gym.

Jean "The Sergeant"

Jean Khongsittha

Kru Jean, at 28 years old has gained the respect both in the ring and at Khongsittha. Known as “The Sergeant,” Jean’s ability to shape customers and nak muay into fighting shape is unparalleled. You can tell he has spent some time in the military; his drill-instructor mentality and no-bullshit attitude are much needed when moulding fighters into their true potential. Jean took a brief break from being a trainer at Khongsittha a year ago but came back because he realized his truest passion was to make those willing to endure his training mantras into fighters of the highest calibre.

Jean has been in Muay Thai for a very long time in comparison to his age. At 26 years old, he started Muay Thai at the age of five. He had no prior training before getting into the ring; his father forced him to fight another child and he emerged victorious, winning 50 baht. His father owns a gym in his hometown of Sakon Nakhon, in the northeastern province of Thailand.

Like many young Nak Muay, Jean followed in his father’s footsteps. He wanted nothing more than to compete and make his family proud and to take care of them. There’s something special about this, although, in a harsh reality, this can take its toll.

Jean’s style varies depending on the opponent he is fighting. Watching fights most of his life, he is one of the few Thai fighters that loves doing as much research as possible on a fighter before one his own fights them. He’s well-rounded, not willing to commit to any one particular type of fighting style. Over 21 years, Jean has fought around the world, from Lumpinee and Rajadamnern to Vienna, and even Australia. He’s won over 70 times out of 120 or so fights; he’s lost count.

His ultimate goal of being a trainer at Khongsittha is to train both Thais and foreigners and watch them use his techniques to best their opponents. The Sergeant of Khongsittha.

Noo "The Teacher"

Noo Khongsittha

The eagle has finally landed at Khongsittha Muay Thai. With almost no body fat, lean and tone from years of Muay Thai and working in the ring, Ajarn Noo is how you would imagine a Muay Thai trainer to be in a Hollywood film. Oozing with knowledge and matched by a willingness to provide it to his students, Ajarn Noo is one of the best trainers to step foot into Khongsittha. Many amateur and professional fighters naturally gravitate towards him the way he does to them. “The only thing I want to do in my life at this point is to pass on my knowledge to everyone willing to learn.”

Ajarn Noo was born in Buriram, another city in the Northeastern province of Thailand, where some of today’s best fighters are from. He had his first fight at the age of 12, winning 150 baht after a decision. After winning nine fights in a row, he and his family realized he was gifted and he went to Bangkok to compete. He trained out of Kietprasanchai Gym which is now defunct. He has fought some of the best golden-era fighters, including Chalernlap, Pietnakon, and Phitimak, with his greatest accomplishment being briefly holding a Rajadamnern Stadium belt.

When asked about his fighting style, he stated that he is primarily a “Muay Femur” fighter, but also adapts his style to suit his opponent's style. You can see it in a few of his fights below.

When asked if he likes teaching foreigners or Thais more, he chuckles. The hardest thing between foreigners and Thais is that it’s more difficult to teach foreigners because of the language. Foreigners don’t do the basics correctly, but foreigners are more eager to learn than Thais. He enjoys both equally though. Ajarn Noo has fought over 170 times all over the world as well. Lumpinee, Rajadamnern, Bangla, Japan, England, France, and Germany are the places he remembers doing battle.

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