One Year To Your Dream Thailand Vacation

One Year To Your Dream Thailand Vacation

December 12, 2017

What would it take to start saving on January first, and end up in Thailand in December? When you have a whole year to save, it turns out that dreams really can come true. Saving in advance can make a dream vacation to Thailand a reality! Here is a break-down of exactly how much you would have set aside per month to make your trip happen - Muay Thai camp included.

The Average Budget

How much, exactly, does a trip to Thailand cost? One significant expense to consider when saving money for an overseas trip is your plane ticket, and this will vary depending on where you are located around the globe. The price of your ticket could range from a few hundred USD to a thousand USD, or more.

The best advice is to research your flights, sign up for price alerts online, and be flexible. Compare prices, and when they drop, be ready to buy. In searching tickets from LA to Bangkok for next year, options were available from around 930 USD, and from London, tickets cost 640 USD. For the sake of this post, we will allocate 1,000 for airfare.

An average cost of food per day is 15 USD, and accommodations can be found for around 20 USD per night. The average person also wants to budget for transportation once in Thailand, as well as miscellaneous expenses - let’s say 25 USD per day.

If you are interested in a Muay Thai vacation, you will also want to include a Muay Thai camp for training purposes, which will likely be about 920 USD. All in all, this is 2,760 USD, or 2,054 British Pounds, for a two-week trip.

Your Monthly Goal and How To Reach It

At first, this might sound like an overwhelming amount. Many people feel that they can’t afford to travel. But when you break this into 11 months of preparation time, you’ll see that you have to save about 250 USD per month. Is this possible?

There are two ways that you can save 250 USD a month. One way is to find excess in your budget, and cut it. Do you make monthly car payments? Could you trade in your car for an older model, and save on your fees? What about cutting back on small trips each weekend, so that you can go big in December?

The second way is to earn an extra 250 per month. Think about subletting out a room in your house, or picking up an extra job now and then. You could also try earning money online in your spare time. Think outside of the box, and you might be surprised at how many opportunities you can find for earning extra income!

How To Adjust And Calculate Your Budget

The average budget will not hold true for everyone, and the most prominent variability is the flight. Do your research, and come up with a realistic number. Then, add 1,760 USD. Once you have a total, divide it by eleven.

Also, think about your standard of living, and vacation goals. If you love to eat luxury meals, add more money to your daily cost of food. If you are comfortable with staying at budget hostels, use a lower number for your accommodations budget per month.

Your dream Thailand Muay Thai vacation may be just a year away. If you have always wanted to visit Thailand, don’t keep putting it off. Start planning in January for a trip at the end of the year. When you break your total trip cost down into monthly chunks, you have a clear goal to pursue. Make sure to adjust the budget so that it is customized to your location.

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