Not Your Typical Thailand Muay Thai Vacation

Not Your Typical Thailand Muay Thai Vacation

April 26, 2017

When it comes to tapping into one of the best possible tourist activities currently growing in popularity, Muay Thai is what everyone is talking about. You may not have heard of it before, but chances are you've heard of your friends making that pilgrimage to Thailand for Muay Thai. Many different people will want to do and see different things while on a vacation, but they need to have multiple reasons for going to a specific country. That is why you should consider a Bangkok Muay Thai vacation as your next trip.

Don Lee Khongsittha Muay Thai Sparring

Workout with a New Sport

There are many popular places to head to if you are a fan of martial arts. All around the world, there are dozens of different martial arts to choose from. However, when you think about something rooted in ancient history while tapping into modern sciences and training methods, Muay Thai is one of the leaders in this field. Not only is it becoming more popular thanks to the emergence of UFC and other combat sports, but it is also becoming popular because of the training techniques involved in preparation. Throw in the fact that you aren’t just building up muscle but you could also be burning as much as 1,000 calories in a training session for an hour and a half, according to Muay Thai Pros and their training methods.

The sport and the competition can be fun enough, but when you consider the training involved and how it relates to everyday fitness and lifestyle health, then you can see why so many people are quickly falling in love with Muay Thai and considering a Thailand Muay Thai vacation as a trip focused on both entertainment and fitness improvement.

Airbnb signature with Muay Thai at top

Muay Thai is Growing Sports Tourism in Thailand

According to WiseGeek, sports tourism is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of travel around the globe. Not only do people want to go to new places and see new things, but they want to do it with a purpose in mind. They also want to be able to tap into the travel packages that can sometimes be available for sports travel, from hotels and meal accommodations down to the tickets to a given sporting event. Because Muay Thai is still growing in popularity internationally and hasn’t fully taken over as the next dominant trend, it makes for a great reason to take a trip to Thailand. See what Khongsittha has been doing with companies like Airbnb and and Air Asia to promote tourism in Thailand.

Training in Ring at Khongsittha

Affordable Travel Prices

Despite the fact that Thailand is able to offer a tremendous amount in the way of modern convenience, luxury, and even sights not seen anywhere else around the world, it is also a very affordable country to visit. With data provided by The Lonely Planet, you can see how a Thailand Muay Thai vacation would quickly become a cost effective trip where you can enjoy all of the fun without blowing your entire budget out of the water. While prices shouldn’t be the number one factor when you are planning a vacation, you should keep in mind the relative affordability because the value of your home currency goes much further in Thailand (the current value of the Thai baht to the US dollar is 34 to 1.)

For those interested in taking Muay Thai seriously to the point of fighting in an actual bout, you could always try your luck in a fight. There is a great article by Aaron Jahn of Muay Thai Scholar that documents his journey to Thailand and having his first fight within the first month of arrival, running out of cash, and fighting to continue living and training in Thailand.

Muay Thai Trainers at Khongsittha

Learning from the Experts

One of the best things about a Muay Thai vacation is you aren’t just going to train, you are actually looking to immerse yourself in a martial within its country of origin.  According to studies done by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, the level of intensity that you perform martial arts will dictate whether or not how effective it is at helping you become more fit. There is a common misconception that Muay Thai is a very brutal sport, but for cardio, it’s considered as one of the top ways to burn calories and stay in shape.

While you may understand what Muay Thai is actually like, you will never truly know until you go to Thailand and see for yourself. That is why this is one of the best opportunities to have some fun and try something new. Not only can you learn an ancient and popular martial art, you can see a tremendous amount of culture all across the country of Thailand.

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