Lion Fight’s Brett Hlavacek Hosts an Incredible Two Week Muay Thai Camp with Khongsittha

Lion Fight’s Brett Hlavacek Hosts an Incredible Two Week Muay Thai Camp with Khongsittha

November 03, 2017

Today marks a month since Brett Hlavacek, WBC champion and Lion Fight regular hosted a training camp at Khongsittha Muay Thai. In keeping tradition with Brett’s previous trips to Khongsittha, he took it upon himself to make sure everyone’s expectations of Bangkok were exceeded and that everyone was able to get some intense training done. There’s a reason we’ve been working with Brett to collaborate on building these camps; he is a veteran of Thailand, an expert at Muay Thai, and a genuinely good person.

Brett immediately hopped onto a plane after his win on Lion Fight 38. You can see the card and the results here. Brett has fought on this promotion many times and is looking forward for the opportunity for a title shot, depending on what happens in the next Lion Fight. You can watch a recap of the fights here.

What Exactly Is a Muay Thai Training Camp at Khongsittha

Lion Fight’s Brett Hlavacek

So another question that’s commonly asked about us is, “What’s the difference between your fight camps and your standard Muay Thai Packages?” Part of the reason we host camps in addition to our packages is the opportunity for Muay Thai enthusiasts who are interested in meeting others the opportunity to have a designated host; someone with just as much knowledge of Muay Thai as they do of Bangkok. This makes it easier to explore the city and to meet other enthusiasts at the same time.

The training camps also usually include customized gear upon arrival, inclusive ringside tickets to either Lumpinee or Rajadamnern Stadium, private training with the host, and more added-on activities, depending on the month. The added value of these camps, especially if it’s your first time coming to Thailand or your first time training in Bangkok is huge. There are also very few camps (if any) in Bangkok who go out of their way to make sure that customers are being taken care of outside of the gym as much as they are getting taken care of inside the gym.

Thai Tatoo Stuff

Another focal point that separates training camps from standard package training is that reserving your spot in the camps early gives us the capability of providing unique activities that would normally cost a lot of money if done individually or without the help of the gym. We’re in the unique position of having a network of people who love to show travelers/tourists a different side of the city. We like to say, “off the beaten path” quite often. We play football with Saenchai after training, go to large music concerts, and take trips to Chiang Mai to watch fights with famous Nak Muay like Buakaw and Kaew Fairtex

Two Weeks With Brett

Lion Fight’s Brett Hlavacek

This is Brett’s second camp with Khongsittha Muay Thai and third time coming to the gym to train. His current professional Muay Thai record is 20-4 and will be getting the opportunity to fight whoever wins the next Lion Fight cruiserweight match for a title shot. Brett has a very technical approach towards Muay Thai, with the majority of his fights coming down to his expertise overwhelming his opponents. He doesn’t get in the way of the main reason that people come to train in Thailand; to learn from Thai trainers. What he does is amplify what the Thai trainers are already teaching. If the language problems are too difficult at the time, Brett and the Khongsittha trainers work together to explain certain techniques.

In addition to to great training, Brett’s a good leader. Being with a smaller camp allows deeper connections to be made with fellow gym-goers, and it was very evident this October. All of the people participating had some connection to Brett, whether training at the same gym as him or his previous gym, or currently taking privates with him. Brett made sure that trips to various stores to get gear were done, his favorite bars in town were visited, and that no one was having a bad time. His personality fits with the ethos of Khongsittha as a gym; we cater to spirited individuals who love Muay Thai, want to experience another culture, and generally just want to have a good time. This is what we perceive to be a healthy lifestyle, and balance is crucial to maintaining it. We go into balance many times throughout our blog, and our last two posts have some great information in regards to finding your balance. Here's the Interview with Mia Kang, SI Swimsuit model, and Manuel Keo, dedicated father, full-time jobber, and fighter.

The Future with Brett

Meal BBK with Lion Fight’s Brett Hlavacek

Ever since we met Brett Hlavacek during our collaboration with Nak Muay Nation in July of 2016, we’ve been trying to grow the US Muay Thai community and provide insight into training in Bangkok. We expect to continue hosting camps with Brett that will contain various activities, events, and potentially seminars, too. Brett Hlavacek helps run a clothing company called Nak Muay Legends. They feature legends such as Dieselnoi, Samart, and Kaensak Sor. Ploenchit on their clothing and you should check them out if you love any of these Golden-era fighters.

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