Khongsittha Muay Thai’s Partner Resort: Kiatthada

Khongsittha Muay Thai’s Partner Resort: Kiatthada

August 22, 2017

It can be an incredibly rewarding experience when you finally book your ticket to Thailand for your Muay Thai journey. Chances are that if it’s your first time coming to Thailand or your first time training Muay Thai, you have no clue what to expect when it comes to accommodation. Sources online contradict each other quite often and you don’t know if you will be sleeping on bunk beds with Thai fighters or your only toilet is a hole in the ground that you have to squat over! What Khongsittha Muay Thai is trying to do is dispel the myth that there is no quality accommodation at Muay Thai gyms in Thailand. You’ll find that a ton of gyms are starting to offer their own accommodation to customers who want to get the most out of their training.

The Background and Location

Khongsittha Kiatthada Partnership 1

Kiatthada House has been the accommodation solution for Khongsittha since its creation in 2013, but has been operational for over twenty years. Starting as a family business, it became the perfect place to accommodate people interested in training and staying in Thailand. The gym and resort are located in the Bangkok city district known as Lat Phrao. What makes this part of the city nice for training is that it is home to a mostly Thai community. There are hundreds of great, established Thai noodle shops, restaurants, massage places, and businesses that cater to Thais rather than expats. If you’re looking to train in Bangkok, experience the comfort and convenience of living in a modern city, but also away from the hustle and bustle of tourism-oriented districts like Nana, Asoke, and Thonglor, Lat Phrao is the perfect place to train.

Superior Room Kiatthada

The resort is located directly behind Khongsittha Muay Thai, literally a 30 second walk from the first flight of rooms. Other gyms in the city simply don’t have the option to have accommodation that close to them without building rooms within the gym, which can become expensive, or in many cases, low quality and not suitable for most of today’s travelers. Many gyms recommend accommodation to rent around them, but aren’t capable of providing such a cheap rate, and can take a long time to get to and from the gym. Solving this problem has made Khongsittha an excellent Bangkok Muay Thai option. Around the gym and resort are convenient stores, night markets, traditional Thai markets, restaurants, and shopping malls, all within walking distance. Kiatthada Driving Range is a 15 minute walk from the resort and will help those who are on vacation for Muay Thai but still yearning to hit some golf balls. Snooker halls, badminton courts, and basketball courts also within the surrounding area and are great, relaxing activities to do after training hard in Muay Thai.

The Rooms

Khongsittha Kiatthada Rooms

The main reason behind Khongsittha and Kiatthada’s partnership was to solve the problem of quality affordable accommodation for Muay Thai enthusiasts. All rooms come equipped with air-conditioning, a private shower with toiletries, dresser, satellite TV, and refrigerator unit. You’ll find out soon enough that having a proper room will aid your recovery process and keep you fit to train. Previous customers have stated that this style of accommodation was exactly what they were looking for, but were apprehensive at first staying at a Muay Thai gym because they weren’t sure of what to expect.

Bathrooms at Kiatthada

The suite rooms at Kiatthada are essentially two superior rooms connected. They include some very comfy sofas, four person dining tables, and all of the other facilities that superior rooms have. Suite rooms are perfect for those looking to stay a bit longer and is very comfortable with the additional space. Other options for accommodation at Kiatthada are superior twin rooms and family rooms. The twin rooms contain two double beds, which is suitable for friends interested in training together and staying in the same room. The family room is great for a couple with children, as it offers one king-size bed and one double bed.

Superior Room 2 Kiatthada

If you’re looking for authentic Muay Thai training at an outdoor camp paired with modern, resort-style accommodation, the Khongsittha + Kiatthada partnership is right up your alley.


sean jones

sean jones said:


Sam safa

Sam safa said:

Any double bed or king size available april 12-15 ?


Allan said:

How much is per night for a single room, I plan to stay for 2 weeks.


Boris said:

Any single rooms available? What’s the price per night?


Khongsittha said:

Hi Boris, we do have rooms available! The price per night depends on your package. Visit our Muay Thai Packages here:

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