Khongsittha Muay Thai - Activities Around the Gym

Khongsittha Muay Thai - Activities Around the Gym

April 28, 2017

Did you know Thailand was home to the Kingdom of Ayutthaya, regarded as the wealthiest and most illustrious city of the East during the 14th to 18th century- which saw 35 kings over 7 dynasties? Its archaeological wonders remain today, curated to allow you a glimpse into the old empire.

Khongsittha guests get a chance to take a day trip to this glorious past just 90 mins from Bangkok, entering the city of Ayutthaya, a UNESCO world heritage site. Here, a sense of awe rouses over as you wander through ancient ruins of temples and palaces, sacred and religious sites, majestic monuments and statues; walking through the preserved architecture, one could almost summon and relive the days of yore where Siamese royalty and palace workers tread the exact same grounds within these very walls. Besides exploring historic sites, campers also get up close and personal at an elephant sanctuary, shop at a man-made floating market, where performers in traditional costumes put on a flamboyant show depicting the history of the city. A truly enriching and profound cultural experience, as a significant historical highlight not only of the country but of the world, that has been too often missed by many a passing tourist of Thailand.

 Khongsittha Muay Thai Activities

General Activities

Outside training, plan with the management an itinerary to create a wholesome and meaningful experience. To name just a few additional activities: without question, watching live fights at various stadiums and TV studios; group dinners to enjoy local fare, hang out with trainers where you can hear them relive their glory days; excursions to other major- and traditional- thai sporting events that you might have never seen before, some of which may intrigue and even surprise you; and famous night markets where someone will definitely be dared to eat a fried scorpion. Other various activities are usually planned along the way to keep things fun and flexible. Whichever the case, Khongsittha guest often find these sessions of respite a good time to get to know each other, and where lifelong friendships are often built.

Hua Mum Night Market

Liap Duan and Hua Mum Night Market 

Bangkok is famous for its outdoor day and night markets for their carnival vibe and unpredictable finds, though each has its own unique character and gems to offer. Just minutes from our gym are two night markets that are lesser known to tourists but definitely local favorites, as you could tell from the crowds.

Hua Mum night Market is compact but still has over a hundred stalls offering goods and foods. Worth noting is an oyster and king crab bar, where they shuck and serve up to 12 different types of oysters from all over the world every night. Slurps.

Liap Duan is the bigger of the two and gets really packed with locals, especially weekends. There you can even find antiques and other specialty products. Campers are known to buy jerseys and shoes there, which can cost only 1/3 of the price you pay at more popular markets in town for the exact same pair. The options of food here is without a doubt endless. From Chinese hotpot to gastro-bars with live bands, you'll probably come here more than once during your stay.

Richi Khongsittha Max Muay Thai 

Pattaya and Max Muay Thai 

The vibrant coastal town of Pattaya is just slightly more than an hour's drive away, and makes a good getaway for a day or two to see this extremely popular tourist spot, as you will find out why. Jet skiing and para sailing makes up for some good fun by the beach in the day, come evening you can also catch a fight at Max Muay Thai- where you will see busloads of mainland Chinese tourists happy to just watch a few seconds of the fight before hopping back on the coach again, clamoring to take pictures with anyone at the lobby who remotely resembles a fighter; if you'd like your 15 minutes of fame you could just remove your top, be a little sweaty, and they will oblige.

However, the main draw of this seaside resort city is its wild nightlife. Parties spill over onto the streets and occasionally you might get dragged into a bar with beautiful dancers and deep voices. A good place to people-watch while the team bond over beers!

Kiatthada Resort next to Khongsittha

The Resort Kiatthada

The gym prides itself in accommodating fighters in resort-worthy rooms at hostel prices. Fully furnished with a double sliding wardrobe, dressing table, and TV cabinet in a generous 400 sq ft bedroom. A balcony is attached to every room, and overlooks landscaped pathways. Room service is available every day. A 24 hour reception lobby provides added convenience and security. Across the road from the resort you will find five mini marts, three of which are open around the clock. This high level of comfort is hugely appreciated by tired guests.

Khongsittha Muay Thai Fitness Area

Equipment and Facilities

The gym spans over 5000 sq. ft with matted open spaces at all corners. Two elevated rings watch over a row of punching bags. An open concrete court with monkey and fitness bars are beside a tiled basin tub used for ice baths. A fitness area equipped with weights, medicine balls, ropes etc., and even a strip of artificial grass for sled pushes which is where Muay Thai strength and conditioning classes are held. Air conditioned bathrooms are fitted with lockers. The gym is also cleaned twice a day. We believe that having a clean, sanitary training ground is an essential part of getting the best value during your Muay Thai training.

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