How Long Should I Train Muay Thai in Thailand?

How Long Train Muay Thai Thailand

February 09, 2019

Training Muay Thai in Thailand can be for everyone, but not on the same level. It is also suitable for various ages, as there are many people in their fifties still rocking the sport, but more related to their fitness goals (and maybe not a fight). The duration of training will also vary per person, depending on how long they can be in Thailand and their personal training goals. So, how long should you train in Muay Thai in Thailand?

There is not one answer for everyone regarding how long you should train Muay Thai, so it's something you have to discover by yourself. To work this out, you can start by asking yourself some questions:

  • What is your goal? The training required is not the same if your intention is to get fit rather than if you want to fight as a professional at least once. 

  • How much time do you have? First, you have to estimate how many hours per week you can or want to invest in training. And second, how many days this adds up to. 

  • How much budget are you willing to spend? You'll need to spend on training, accommodation, meals, transportation, and gear for instance.

  • How strong-willed do you feel? Muay Thai is hard and at times you will wish to drop out of the gym. Only if you are very dedicated can you overcome our human weaknesses.

The last point is a very important one. Muay Thai is a wonderful sport, but you need to grow up on its discipline step-by-step and become stronger through proven processes. You can't go from zero to hero in a week. Plus, keep it safe. If you want to train really hard, you'll need proper rest and nutrition.

The good news about this point? Although all of us limitations, we are gifted with other qualities. And that's the key to perform better in training.

For example, imagine that you're not good at lifting weights, but you're a great runner. In that case, you can overcome your limitations with your qualities. Put extra effort into your running. Maybe your ability to go that extra mile will translate to better performance in training.

The same goes for food and heat. Some people fit better with the diet in Thailand and the heat, while others simply can't make the same progress as in their own countries. 

All of that should be on your list when deciding how long to train in Muay Thai in Thailand. But, let's go step by step with some more guidelines.


Guidelines to Know How Long You Should Train Muay Thai in Thailand

Should I Train Muay Thai

No matter how much available time you have to train Muay Thai in Thailand, whether you have two weeks during your holidays or two years to dedicate, the progress will be noticeable. Plus, it'll be a once in a lifetime experience. Even that can be addictive as so many people keep coming back year after year.

First, you must keep in mind that to progress in a sport such as Muay Thai you need constant practice. The number of days or hours per week depend on the person, along with other factors such as age, fitness level, and goal. But as a rule of thumb, trainers agree that:

  1. If you train only once or twice per week, you can improve your technique but your training condition will fall.
  2. Training three days a week will keep you in shape, but you're not going to make any important physical progress.
  3. Only if you train more than four days a week, you can improve your body and your overall conditioning, and be more likely to reach your goal.

Thus, keep this in mind before coming to Thailand to train in Muay Thai. You will need to determine how many sessions per week you will train and how intense those sessions will be. Be clear of your goals!

Also, to answer a frequently asked question: you can arrive in Thailand without any training and start from scratch. Actually, that's a wonderful option for beginners. If this is the case, try to stay more than a week to give yourself some time to adapt to the weather, diet, and rigor of the program. PS - Don't forget jet lag!

With this in mind, here are some tips to decide how long you should train in Muay Thai in Thailand.


One or Two Weeks of Training Muay Thai in Thailand

Okay, let's say you only have one week available to train in Muay Thai because of your schedule, your job, or because you want to travel around the country as well. In this scenario, there are two main options:

  • If you already know the basics and you are a practitioner, get ready to rumble. Make that week count, train one or two sessions per day, for six days if possible. Get as much rest as you can, eat better, and concentrate on your goals. The trainers should give you advice on how much you can train to avoid over training.
  • On the other hand, if this is the first time in your life practicing Muay Thai, you always can use this experience to learn the basics of the sport and enjoy the experience of training in Thai boxing in its birthplace, inside a real gym with professional fighters. In this case, the training would be easier and will be more focused on basic techniques. After this introductory week, you could go to any gym back in your country and continue training. There's no better place than Thailand to break the ice in Muay Thai.

If you only have one week to train Muay Thai in Thailand, remember that the jet lag can be a real enemy. Some people put on the gloves straight away after getting into the gym, and that could be exhausting. Be sure to manage your sleeping time and get proper rest :)

If you have two weeks to train Muay Thai in Thailand, the situation will be almost the same. Just remember to have at least one day off per week. On this rest day, enjoy that day as much as you can (visit tourist sites, get massages, go shopping). Additionally, you can enjoy a cheat meal too on rest days, but try to indulge your appetite just once and not the whole day.

An extra tip for newcomers: if it's your first time in Thai boxing, why not consider a few private Muay Thai training lessons before hitting a group class? Private sessions can give you real insight on the discipline.


One Month Training Muay Thai in Thailand

Training Muay Thai in Bangkok

In some ways, a period of one month training in Muay Thai in Thailand is the option that best suits most boxing enthusiasts. It’s recommended that you live by the gym so you can avoid the temptation to skip training due to commuting time.

A one-month period can give you a lot of time to hone your skills and technique, plus it is sufficient for some serious transformation of your mental and physical conditioning. You'll also be able to get in your first fight (if that's your goal) after one month of training. The trainers and gym owners can help you find a fair match up.

Other benefits of training Muay Thai for one month in Thailand:

  • If you're a beginner and have zero experience, after one intense month you will have enough knowledge about Thai boxing to continue training and to enjoy the sport to the fullest. You would have probably passed the most important point on the learning curve. Your moves will flow and you can follow a group class with other experienced practitioners.
  • In case you already have experience in Muay Thai, in Thailand you will learn a completely different way of training if you have good trainers. Training in Thailand demands more from you, from the hot weather to simply just being away from home. But trust us, it will be rewarding. Every experienced fighter comes to Thailand to improve their style, so if you're an enthusiast of the sport, coming to Thailand is a must.
  • You will enjoy the experience much more. After one or two weeks, probably you would end up with the feeling that you need more! In one month, you will have tasted the gifts of Muay Thai and you will feel more satisfied.
  • And something that we must not forget... it's super fun to train Muay Thai for one whole month! The friendships and rapport you will build in Thailand could last a lifetime. 


Train Muay Thai for a long-term period

That's the dream for a lot of Muay Thai enthusiasts, but giving your 100% every single week is something that only the most hardcore fans or those who want to be fighters can do. However, we do have some pro-fighters with us in Khongsittha training for a long period of time, where training alongside them will keep you more focused.

Usually, long term commitments is a decision that is considered by people after training for a short period of time. And before knowing if you want to take this path, we first recommend you train Muay Thai in Thailand for one or two months.

No matter how long you train Muay Thai in Thailand, we are sure that your time spent training will be one of the best experiences you can have in life.

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