Guilt-Free Cakes for Sportspeople and Muay Thai Enthusiasts

Guilt-Free Cakes for Sportspeople and Muay Thai Enthusiasts

June 25, 2019

Cakes and sport is something that doesn't seem to go well together. Typically, athletes focus their diet on carbohydrates and protein, as well as low-fat foods and avoiding fried foods. And sweets are precisely a food that has always been pointed out as very harmful to those who practice sport. But, what if we can enjoy guilt-free cakes and sweets for Muay Thai practitioners or any kind of athlete?

In Khongsittha we strongly believe in the relationship between hard work at the gym and following a clean-eating meal plan. That's why we offer Muay Thai packages that include training and meals. We prepare our food at our cafe The Reverie, right next to Khongsittha Muay Thai gym.

The Reverie is specialized as well in guilt-free cakes which, unlike normal sweets, are ideal for athletes, both beginners, and professionals.

The Reverie Chef

Our guilt-free cakes for sportspeople were developed by Chris, an executive chef who made a name for himself by creating ideal desserts for athletes. "I am a sports practitioner myself, I do Spartan races and marathons, so I wanted to create cakes for people like me."

As he claims, the idea was to create a "full nutritional option" for enjoying before or after training. "My objective was to create an alternative for eating cakes and feeling guilt-free."

What's the secret of The Reverie's cakes and sweets for athletes and Muay Thai practitioners?

  • They are sweet but have no artificial sugar. The sweetness comes from natural fruits.
  • Gluten makes people gain weight, so our cakes for sportspeople don't contain any gluten.
  • Almond butter is created only with nuts, unprocessed and in a natural way.
  • We don't use butter, and almost all of our desserts are not baked.

People think that vegan food or sugar-free cakes are not good, but that is not true. Do you want to know how great are our guilt-free cakes?


Check Our Cakes for Sportspeople and Muay Thai Enthusiasts


avocado cake the reverie

One of our tastier desserts is our avocado chocolate cake, which is a nutritional bomb. It is made of pure fresh avocado, combined with pure cocoa. Other ingredients are dates and almonds.

The avocado chocolate cake is perfect after training, as it combines a lot of nutrients to help you recover in a natural way. Plus, it's delicious!

healthy brownie

The brownie we have at The Reverie is the only guilt-free dessert for sportspeople that we bake. Even that, is gluten-free and only contains natural ingredients. 

Ready for a treat without regrets? Our brownie can be enjoyed at any moment of the day. It only has natural sweets and very high-percentage cocoa.

guilt-free cakes

The trio you see in the picture has the same characteristics: gluten-free, natural sweetness and perfect for staying in shape without gaining fat. 

Visit us at The Reverie while you train Muay Thai with us and let us recommend to you which guilt-free cake suits you better. 

Of course, we have another selection of more classical cakes and desserts that you can enjoy on your cheat-day. But, if you wanna have cakes for sportspeople anytime, we have what you need!

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