Experience Thailand With a Muay Thai Vacation

Experience Thailand With a Muay Thai Vacation

January 12, 2017

One of the worst things about a vacation is you can easily fall into unhealthy habits. Oftentimes, vacations consist of little more than consuming too much food and drink and inactive relaxing. You not only run the risk of feeling sluggish and slipping out of shape while on your trip, but if you don’t plan a way to get out there and get active, your vacation is over before you know it. That’s exactly why thinking about a Muay Thai vacation could be the best strategy to stay active on vacation while also enjoying all your trip has to offer.

Do Something

 Matt on the bags Khongsittha

The simplest way to obtain happiness is to go out and do something. According to Live Science, most people enjoy doing things and making memories far more than they appreciate acquiring more material possessions. It is for exactly this reason that an opportunity to experience Thailand is something you shouldn’t pass on. Thailand is not just a wonderful country on its own, but with so many different tourism opportunities in addition to its continuous growth, you’ll find a perfect blend of history, cultural, and food options.

If you’re considering looking into opportunities to get in some physical fitness and exercise during your trip, then you should realize the true benefits of authentic Bangkok Muay Thai and how you can learn from previous champions during your trip as well. Anytime you can combine cultural authenticity, exercise, and the ability to try something new, you’ll find yourself on an unforgettable and life-enriching vacation.

Cultural Influence Aplenty

Angelica and Pong teaching at Khongsittha

One of the best reasons to go to a new location is to take in the culture and truly be able to see new things. From the food and drinks to the language and architecture, being able to experience Thailand means you can see a new place where the cultural influence contains elements from all around the globe. As described in Every Culture, Thailand has many ethnic groups who speak different languages, practice different customs and engage in customs and norms in entirely unique ways on a daily basis. The truth is, when you take a Muay Thai vacation, you may be looking forward to learning the ancient techniques of a combat sport, but you’ll also be visiting a whole new world and having a fully immersive new experience in every way, as well.

Internationally Recognized Sport 

Internationally Recognized Khongsittha 

There are several sports that are well-known around the globe, and the modernization of Muay Thai is what has led to its popularity. It is sanctioned, governed, and is completely legitimate. When you throw in the fact that many people have started to watch and want to learn more thanks to the popularity of emerging sports like UFC, you can see why Muay Thai is rapidly becoming so widely accepted.

When you also think about the level of competition and conditioning required to excel in Muay Thai, you can be certain you won’t be going home with a few extra pounds of flab after a vacation with a Bangkok Muay Thai experience. The goal is obviously to learn something new, try something rigorous yet fun, and come away with an experience you won’t soon forget. When you are put through the gauntlet of training and see how much conditioning is done to prepare for a match, your muscle mass may very well begin to increase, improving your metabolism and working away flab.

Authentic Experience

Authentic Muay Thai Khongsittha

Because of the popularity of UFC and other combat sports, some of the authenticity has started to diminish when it comes to training. That is exactly the reason you would want to get directly to the source and find out everything needed to excel. If you want to learn what the specific rules, techniques, and fundamentals are, you certainly don’t want to visit the local martial arts studio in the middle of a small-town strip mall. If your goal is to learn from authentic teachers and have a real and personal experience, you should look directly to the source and try to soak up as much knowledge as you can.

Just because you want to relax on vacation doesn’t mean you should just lay around and sleep all day. If that was going to be your goal, then you could simply stay in your bed for vacation and waste your time doing nothing. Discover a new culture and stimulate your physical, mental, and emotional senses as you open your eyes and see something you have never been a part of before.

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