Accommodation in Bangkok: Our Resort Hotel a Few Steps from the Gym

Accommodation in Bangkok: Our Resort Hotel a Few Steps from the Gym

February 07, 2019

Finding a place to stay in Bangkok can be an easy thing. As one of the most visited cities in the world, the capital of Thailand has plenty of great hotels. But, is it that easy to find the perfect place for you? Usually not. More importantly, what about if you come to Thailand to train in Muay Thai? What could be the best possible accommodation in Bangkok if you are here because of Thai Boxing? 

Of course, that depends on your goals and your intentions in Bangkok. 

  • The busiest, but better-connected area in Bangkok is Sukhumvit Road. However, there are not many Muay Thai gyms in this part of the city which will offer you a "getaway feel." Most of these gyms are also pricey, commercial, and touristy. Some prefer this neighborhood because of its nightlife options.
  • Others prefer Silom Road, as it is closer to the river and also provide a lot of attractions. But, the traffic is terrible there. If you do decide the Silom area, it's worth to pay a visit to Asiatique.
  • Khaosan Road is the perfect hub for travelers and backpackers. But after a few days, it can become terribly touristy. If you are in there, though, you can enjoy visiting the wonderful Rajadamnern stadium
  • And then there's the local neighborhoods of Bangkok, not far from the city center but in a much calmer environment. Most of the Muay Thai gyms are located in these areas.

The choice of where to live in Bangkok is up to you. But if your intention is to improve your skills in Muay Thai or to start from scratch and dedicate yourself to the sport during your time in Bangkok, we can only recommend you one option: you live next door to the gym.

As a friendly reminder, Bangkok is one of the busiest cities in Asia, so forget about how distances work in your country. Four or five kilometers in this capital can be a huge commute since walking is complicated (and can be dangerous), the climate is so hot, and the traffic is insane.

Training Muay Thai requires dedication, and staying close to the gym can give you several advantages:

  1. Morning sessions start very early. If you live close to the gym, you will save precious commuting time. During the afternoon sessions, the streets are really hot, and the heat of the sun can make the walk to the gym difficult.
  2. If you live close to the gym, you don't need to take a shower at the gym and can go back to your place. Please also note that many Muay Thai gyms don't even have showers, or the ones in there are very run-down. That's not the case in Khongsittha, where we have wonderful showers.
  3. If you want to befriend other Muay Thai enthusiasts, living next to the gym will make it easier to hang out!

But, choosing a gym with nearby accommodation can be difficult because many of the gyms have poor conditioned rooms or are located in very old buildings to accommodate their team of fighters/trainers.

This is where we come in. At Khongsittha, we aim to offer a different experience. Why can’t training in Muay Thai in Bangkok be convenient and comfortable? With that in mind, we created a resort just next to the gym to accommodate our guests.

Forget about old studio apartments or bathrooms without hot water in the shower. Our goal is to combine the experience of living and breathing Muay Thai with the lifestyle of a premium resort.


A Resort Style Accommodation in Bangkok



The name of our beautiful hotel next to Khongsittha is called, Kiatthada House & Resort. It is a short stroll away from the gym to help our fighters and customers relax and rest. Since we have all the services that you can expect from an accommodation, we also open our rooms to public bookings.

Kiatthada House & Resort is located in Lad Phrao, a local area of Bangkok where you can experience real Thai life. There are plenty of restaurants, places to hang out, and even bars to wind up a night. The popular Central Festival Eastville is also located just 5 minutes away by cab. It is one of the few malls that allow dogs - so expect to see all kinds of breeds there! This mall is also great for movies and money exchange.

Note: If you are in the need of visiting the city center, by taxi it takes around 20 to 25 minutes, and for less than 10 US dollars. But be careful of rush hour traffic times (approximately 8 am - 10 am and 5 pm - 8 pm).

Resort in Bangkok Lad Phrao

We offer two different options for accommodation in Bangkok:

  1. A Studio room with a king-size bed or twin beds. Fully equipped bathroom and private balcony. Perfect for singles or couples. (30 sqm rooms)
  2. A Suite room with two private rooms and two bathrooms. Suitable for families or couples. (60 sqm rooms)

No matter if you come to train in Muay Thai or for something else, why not stay in a clean and nice environment? That's our goal with our resort in Khongsittha: to offer you the best possible accommodation in Bangkok just a few steps from the gym.

We look forward to hosting you one day :)

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