A Father and Son Getaway to Thailand

A Father and Son Getaway to Thailand

December 23, 2017

We recently had the pleasure of hosting a father and his son on a three week Muay Thai getaway to Thailand. Nigel works as an executive for a tech company and Jordan is currently in high school in Australia. What made their visit so special is the fact that the Nigel travels quite extensively for his job. It’s not often that he gets to spend quality time with his son, let alone travel together.

Jordan is an incredibly intelligent, well-spoken teenager currently in his sophomore year of Highschool. He plays chess as his hobby; Muay Thai was something he’d never even considered until his father convinced him to try it out. He had heard that Muay Thai will help you strengthen not only your muscles but your mental fortitude as well.

We mentioned earlier that Nigel travels often for work; however he still manages to stay fit. During his time with us he barely missed a training session and for being in his early 50’s this is quite an accomplishment.

The two spent three weeks with us and we would say that we were both able to learn from each other.

Muay Thai Builds and Strengthens Bonds

KST Trainers

Over the course of the last two years since we began hosting fight camps and bringing in customers from around the world of all ethnicities, nationalities, ages, and gender we noticed something -- the bonds that are made training together are easy to form and hard to break. Normally, stress is considered as being a bad thing. However, when you put people into a stressful environment that they’re not used to, they bond with others going through a similar feeling. For many, Muay Thai in the morning and in the afternoon, in the blazing heat of Bangkok, with a language barrier and in a foreign land is stressful. The body isn’t used to coping with that level of fatigue. It’s very rare that we’ll get guests that want to be alone and not bond with others during their training.

What we saw Nigel and Jordan do was connect with others as well as connect with each other during their time at Khongsittha. Both of them had no prior training before taking the journey to us, and by the end of their three week we could consider them as being fairly decent at Muay Thai. Practicing with trainers who have over 2000+ combined fights in their career you should hope to get better!

In addition to training, Nigel and Jordan were able to do a ton of activities outside of the gym as well. We took them to go see the MBK Fight Night and Lumpinee Stadium as well.

Father and Son Bonding

Sing win

Overall, Nigel and Jordan said they had a life-changing and incredible three weeks at Khongsittha. Their time here is aligned exactly with what we hope to do for every guest that steps foot through our gym gates. Challenging, physically and mentally, yet rewarding. Relationships made that will be remembered for years after. A variety of activities to do both around the gym and in the city center. An all-around experience. We want to invite all the fathers and sons out there who want to have a great time together and to challenge themselves at the same time!

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