5 Reasons a Muay Thai Vacation is the Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day

5 Reasons a Muay Thai Vacation is the Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day

February 09, 2018

Don’t worry if you haven’t thought of the perfect gift for your loved one. After reading this, you’ll realize that a Muay Thai vacation beats fine dining, diamonds, and gift cards any time of the year, and especially for Valentine’s Day.

Shed those Unwanted Pounds From Christmas season.

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Let’s all be realistic here. It’s very difficult to not gain weight during the holiday season, no matter where you’re from. If you’re going home, you can bet that mom will be baking whatever tantalizing cake, cookie, or brownie recipe that you loved as a kid. Chances are both you and your significant other gained what we like to refer to as, “a bit of Christmas.” Buying a couple’s package Muay Thai getaway to Thailand will help you knock out two birds with one stone. You get to lose weight, and you also get to learn a martial art while you’re at it. With your loved one.

Turn Valentine’s Day into a Healthy Occasion.

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If you’re single during Valentine’s day, you’re probably out alone wondering where you went wrong in life, downing whiskey neat (or worse) hoping someone will talk to you. If you’re in a relationship, you know for a fact you’re going to have to take someone out to a very fancy, decadent, but delicious meal. When you travel out to Thailand, you’re going to realize three things about Thai food: it’s delicious, it’s cheap, and it’s healthier than most western food. No longer does Valentine’s Day mean eating boxes of chocolate and spending a ton of money on a fancy dinner. With a Muay Thai vacation, you’ll be doing exactly the opposite, and having just as good a time.

Get Away From Friends, Family, And Work

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Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about you and your significant other, and nothing else. It’s a chance to separate the drama and hardships of everyday life and focus on the one that matters most to you. Normal life expectations blur into the backdrop when you go on vacation. An added benefit to training Muay Thai while on vacation is that you’ll be so tired, you won’t have the urge to do anything else other than eating, sleeping, and training with your boyfriend/girlfriend. A Muay Thai vacation means getting away from everything and focusing on both the improvement of self and of your relationship.

Don’t Break the Bank on a Materialistic Item

5 Reasons a Muay Thai Vacation is the Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day

Many men and women expect to be given something of what is seeming of high material value, but take a second and think why this is a flawed concept for Valentine’s Day. If you’re lucky, you’re going to be with whoever you’re with during Valentine’s Day for a while. Why waste it on a material possession that won’t withstand the test of time that an experience does? Many travelers and Muay Thai enthusiasts have stated that they truly have an unforgettable experience when they come to Thailand to Train Muay Thai. You have opportunities to eat food you may have never tried before, converse in a language you’ve never known, and push your body to peaks you’ve never reached. The value of a vacation with your loved one on Valentine’s trumps any kind of material item you could possibly get them.

If You and Yours Are Into Muay Thai, This Is a No-Brainer

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Some of us just enjoy kicking, punching, and sparring people. Muay Thai isn’t for everyone, which is why it’s such a niche sport. What could you possibly get someone for Valentine’s Day who knows what a teep is, cherishes the improvement of their roundhouse kicks, and understands that clinching is done elsewhere besides the bathroom? A Muay Thai vacation for two, of course. Even buying a full set of Muay Thai gear can’t compare to the opportunity to train in the heat of Thailand, with Thai trainers, and learn Thai techniques. Your other half will love you just a little bit more after presenting them with plane tickets and a Muay Thai package to train in the Land of Smiles.

If you’re sold on the idea of reserving a Muay Thai vacation for Valentine’s Day, or even further down the road, we have a deal for you. Our all-inclusive package covers food, training, and activities to do with your loved one for a romantic, all-inclusive weekend, or even an entire week. Book this before the end of Valentine’s Day 2018 and we’ll offer you 10% off, and a special gift for you and your partner upon arrival. Visit the All-Inclusive product page here, and during checkout put in VALDAY2018 as a discount code. Hopefully, we’ll see you soon!

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